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Scroll down for new music from Peacock Press, including the major new PEMS collection of consort music from the court of Maximilian I, John Turner Contemporary Recorder Series, new music from Editions Marc Reift (including 13 pieces for bass recorder and keyboard) and more. All recorder pieces can be purchased from the Recordermail site.


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On Cedric Lee's retirement from publishing, Peacock Press have taken over Green Man Press. Cedric is to continue as the Editor in Chief for the series and should be contacted on editorial matters. Otherwise all enquiries and requests should be directed to Peacock Press.

Peacock Press have acquired the music and assets of Oriel Library. We are honoured to have the opportunity to continue the work of Theo, Cathy and Ian.

Peacock Press have purchased all publishing rights. Ruth is particularly pleased as she has very happy memories of music visits, over many years to Dr Joel Newman in Provincetown on Cape Cod. Click here for a full list in pdf.

Over 100 of the pieces published by Alex Ayre have been typeset and are available under the code CRCS. They are sold as score and parts; extra parts are available on request. They are now listed on the Recordermail website and a list is available here.The original manuscript pieces still available under the code ALEX are also now listed on the Recordermail site.

Peacock Press now distribute Recorder Music Direct including Hugh Gorton's Recorder Practice series and a number of classical and light works edited for recorder and piano.


Peacock Press have taken on the distribution of Cheap Trills for England and large parts of the world, printing under licence here in the UK. Music in the Cheap Trills catalogue ranges from Baroque to Modern via folk and Spirituals. The arrangements and editions of Charles Nagel are of the highest quality. See below for first off the press.


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The Solo Recorder, ed. Andrew Robinson

A beautifully produced two-volume set of solo recorder music to enhance the repertoire of any serious recorder player. It is clearly typeset and well laid out on larger than A4 paper, with strong laminated covers, Canadian bound: a spiral to open flat and a spine to stack neatly. The two volumes, each of 112 pages, represent some of the finest Baroque solo works ever written.

Book 1: Telemann Fantasias for flute, Quantz Pieces sans bass; Solo sonatas by J S and C P E Bach, PAR 108, £20
This core repertoire represents the major baroque works for solo flute, transposed for recorder with choices of transposition. Music you come back to again and again.

Book 2: Telemann Fantasias for violin; Marais Couplets de Folies (Les Folies d'Espagne); Six movements from Bach's solo violin partitas; Twenty-nine movements from Bach's cello suites, PAR 109, £20
Telemann's fantasias for violin are much less well known than his flute fantasiass but have music of the same quality and imagination. Marais' Couplets de Folies are full of ideas, adventure and beauty. Bach's cello suites must be the best music of the gentre, often difficult but supremely satisfying. A lifetime's study - in so few pages.

A revised and updated edition of Andrew Mayes's

Carl Dolmetsch and the Recorder Repertoire of the 20th Century, £30 + post

Explores in depth the repertoire chosen by recorder virtuoso Carl Dolmetsch for his concerts at the Wigmore Hall in London, 1939-89, including works by Lennox Berkeley, York Bowen, Arnold Cooke, Gordon Jacob and Edmund Rubbra. Andrew Mayes draws on correspondence and MS scores in the Dolmetsch Archive in Haslemere, places the music in context and surveys its influence.


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NEW from Peacock Press:

P 601 Concerto for Alto Recorder and Recorder Orchestra by John Hawkes, for solo treble and Sno.SSAATTBBGbCb, £22.50

P 602 Three Tudor Cats by Antony Baldwin for recorder quartet SATB  and piano ad lib. Score & 4 playing scores, £6.50
Three character pieces of the composer's favourite cats.

P 608 Easy Christmas Tunes for descant recorder and piano (+guitar chords), £3.50
6 easy carols with simple accompaniments. The recorder part is in large print to help children and beginners.

P 609 Fantasia on St Anthony Chorale by Ian Farquhar for 7 So/A SATBCbCb, £5.50

P 610 Tai Chi Encounter by Ian Farquhar, for 7 SoSATBGbCb, £6.50

P 611 Last Spring by Ian Farquhar, for 8 SSAATTBGbCb, £6.50

P 612 Four Dutch Carols by Marg Hall, for 4 SATB, £5.50

P 613 Cambridge Prelude, Interluds and Fugue by Marg Hall for SATB, £6.50
This was written for the the Cambridge SRP Festival 2017 and as the title suggests, it has a very Baroque influence.

P 614 Recorder Quintet No. 1 by John Hawkes for SAATB, £10.50
A four movement work Allegro. Flowing, Allegro, Finale. quite tricky but eminently playable and full of interest for everyone.

P 615 Second Klezmer Collection by Marg Hall for SATB, £6.50
Four more wonderfully arranged Jewish melodies.

P 616 March and Allegro for Mechanical Clock by F Haydn arr. Ann Garling for AATB, £5.50

P 617 Adagio for a Glass Harmonica by W A Mozart arr. Ann Garling for AATB, £4.50

P 618 March to the Scaffold by Hector Berlioz arr. Joanna Brown for Recorder Orchestra Sno.SSAATTBBGbCb, £14.00
This movement is from the Symphonie Fantastique composed in 1855 and inspired by th unrequited love he felt at that time for Harriet Smithson and faithfully arranged from the orchestral version by Joanna.

P 619 Dollar: A Symphonic Poem by Marg Hall. for Recorder Orchestra Sno.SSAATTBBGbCb, £16.50
Commissioned by Lynne Hope who lives in Dollar, a small town in Clackmannanshire.

P 620 Recorder Quintet No. 2 by John Hawkes for SATTB, £10.50
Another interesting piece in 4 movements.Moderato-Allegro, Andante, Allegro, Fantasia. Another very enjoyable piece.

P 621 Menuetto and Valse Lente by Oskar Merikanto arr. Joanna Brown for SSATGb, £5.00
Merikanto (1868 - 1924) was a Finnish contemporary of Sibelius.These are arrangements of two delicate little piano pieces written close to 1900.

P 622 Mary Anning at Lyme Regis by Graham Stansfield arr. J Minns for voice/S,ATB, £5.50
This piece tells the story of Mary Anning who was a fossil collector on the Jurassic cliffs in Dorset.

P 623 Le Train des Pignes by Graham Stansfield arr. J Minns for SAATTBGb, £5.50
The original piece comes from Graham's latest CD "A Choir for All Seasons" and depicts the engine of the "Chemin de Fer" miniature railway which puffs its way between Nice and Digne-les-Bains four times a day.

P 624 Four Koans by Stephen Watkins for SATB, £6.90
Stephen made a study of Japanese music theory and as a result felt motivated to write a few pieces for recorders.

P 625 Quartet No. 2 by Stephen Watkins for SATB, £9.50
A most interesting quartet. There are some quite difficult parts but the hard work will be worth while.

P 626 Two Scottish Marches by Marg Hall for SnoSATBGbCb, £7.50
Teribus and Dumbarton Drums worked into one piece.

P 627 Music with her Silver Sound: Songs from the Plays of William Shakespeare, edited by Eric Haas, £25.00
84 pages of stunning music for voices and instruments and also suitable for recorder consorts (combinations of SATB). There are short notes on each piece with some extracts from the plays showing context.

Trad., arr. Jane Minns:
P 628 Dance to your Daddy for SATTBB/baritone voice, £5.75
P 629 Strawberry Fair for SA/STTBGb, opt vocals 2-3 baritone, sop, alto, £5.75
P 630 John Peel/Lincolnshire Poacher for 6 SATTBB/baritone voice £5.75

P 631 Tambourin by F-J Gossec, arr. Jane Minns for 6 SoSATBB, £5.00

P 632 The Art of Fugue - the four-part Contrapuncti - J S Bach, ed. Eric Haas: score £16.00, part P 632P, £4.50

P 633 Elizabethan Reflections by Anne Marti for 11 SoSSAATTBBGbCb, £11.00

P 634 Stephen Watkins - Blow the Wind Southerly - 4 SATB £10.50
A set of variations on a well-known folk song in varying mood and style. There are plenty of flowing semi-quavers along the way.

P 635 J S Bach - Fugue in G minor for organ, BWV 578, "Little" - 4 SATB £5.00
P 636 J S Bach - Fugue in C majpr BWV 564 - 4 SATB £5.00

P 637 D Scarlatti - Sonata in G minor K 87 - 4 SATB, £5.00
An arrangement of the keyboard sonata in b minor, K.87

P 639 Scott Joplin - Pineapple Rag - 4 SATB £5.00

P 640 Maurice Hodges - The Little Black Rose - 4 SATB £5.00
This is a fantasia on the Irish folk tune. It is above moderate difficulty.

P 641   Tango from Espana Op. 165 by Albeniz arr. Helen-Jean Talbott for ATTBBGbCb, £6.50
This would make a good encore piece as it is not too difficult, is a well known and liked melody and is not too long. The melody flits from one instrument to another.

P 642 arr. Marg Hall - The Rabbi's Pupil - SSAATTBBGbGb £7.00
This Klezmer tune dates from about 1916 and is Marg's first Kezmer piece for orchestra. A lively piece both rhythm and semi-quaver-wise.

P 643 arr. Marg Hall - Three English Carols - 4 SATB £4.50
I Saw Three Ships, For this is Christmas Eve, Sans Day Carol. Three beautifully arranged carols which make up a lovely contrasting set.

P 644 Gary Higginson - Ildathach for 1 A & pno £6.50
This is the Island of Paradise found in early Irish legends. The piece is an impression of the poem's idealisms and inspirations.

P 645 Guus Harverkate - Stan and Olly "A Slapstick in a Ghost House" - 4 SATB £8.00
This crazy quartet may be considered as the soundtrack of a non-existent Laurel & Hardy movie. The music consists of a series of sound imitations, action support, melody fragments from national anthems, British and German war songs and James Bond's Goldfinger theme.

P 647 E Humperdinck arr. Sue Handscombe - Hansel & Gretel Medley - 4 SATB £5.50
Evening Prayer, the Witch is Dead, Brother Come and Dance with Me. The three pieces are linked so they make one longer piece. Very nice arrangement.

P 648 Handel & Purcell arr. Sue Handscombe - Love and Tragedy - 4 SATB £5.50
Non Io diro (Silent Worship) by Handel and Rondo from Abdelazer by Purcell.

P 649 Henry VIII arr. Sue Handscombe - Two Fantasies on Songs by Henry VIII for 4 SATB and 3 ATB £5.50
"Helas Madame" SATB and "Pastime with Good Company" ATB. These two pieces begin with Henry VIII's original work and then wander off into pure fantasy.

P 650 Misc arr. Sue Handscombe - Veritable Victoriana Two - 4 S/A/T/B £5.50
"Ah! Leave Me Not to Pine Alone" by Sullivan, "Hail Smiling Morn" by Spofforth and "Goodnight Goodnight Beloved" by Pinsuti. Two rather beautiful love songs are placed either side of a very jolly "glee".

P 651 Julius Fucik arr Joanna Brown - Attila (Marche Hongroise) Op 211 - SoSAATTBBGbCb £15.00
Fucik's tuneful and direct style of writing transfers well and idiomatically to recorders. Joanna has retained the original keys of E minor and C minor. A good rousing start to any programme.

P 652 Bela Keler, arr Joanna Brown - Ungarische Concert-Overture - SoSAATTBBGbCb £18.00
A substantial piece of approximately nine minutes full of Hungarian rhythms and melodies.

P 653 Hopping Down in Kent by Marg Hall - SAATB £6.50
The piece is based on a song of the same name and celebrates the joys and hardships of the hop-pickers who went down to Kent each September, mostly from the East End of London.

P 654 Duets for Bass, Volume 2, ed. Eric Haas, £9.00
Fifteen English and German Baroque pieces selected and edited by Eric Haas for two bass recorders.

P 655 Hebridean Suite by Brian Bonsor, arr. Christopher Burgess for SAATTBBGbCb, £12.00
Originally this set of 3 Scottish folk songs was arranged for recorder and piano by Brian Bonsor. Christopher Burgess has orchestrated the original piano part.

P 656 The Tower of Babell by Ian Farquhar, SATB £5.50
A short one-movement piece whose subject can be found in Genesis chapter eleven.

P 658 Swing Low by Marg Hall - Five Jazzy Duets for descant and treble, £4.50

P 659 One Thing After Another by Marg Hall - Three Jazzy Duets for descant and treble, £4.00

P 660 Recorder Quartet no. 9 "Changing Times" by John Hawkes SATB, £10.00
There are 4 movements: Allegro, Andante, Allegro ritmico, Finale. As the title suggests there are lots of time changes, particularly in the third movement. This piece is on the harder side of moderate - unless your counting is not so good! John Hawkes comments "There is [also] another reason for the title. I actually wrote a version of the first movement some 30  years or so ago and then laid it to one side. ... Last November I took it up again, revised it and added 3 more movements. Reflecting on the changes that have happened to us all over the last 30 years, I came up with the above title. (As Bob Dylan said: The times they are a-changing)."

P 661 Passacaille by Couperin arranged by Shirley Watson, for SATB, £6.50
This is an arrangement of a very grand piece from the Huitieme Ordre of Couperin's keyboard works.

P 662 Pink Noise: A Caribbean Rhapsody for 5 recorders by Guus Haverkate, AAATB, £7.75
A Caribbean seascape. Suitable for good amateur players and above.

P 663 Four Pieces by Edward Macdowell, arranged by Shirley Watson, SATB, £6.50
An Old Garden, Song, Sung Outside the Prince's Door, A Tin Soldier's Love. These pieces are derived from piano compositions somewhat richer in harmony and texture than the popular "To a Wild Rose" which has been arranged for many instruments including recorder.

P 664 "On the Rhine" - Waltzes Op. 83 by Bela Keler arranged for recorder orchestra by Joanna Brown for Sno.SAATTBBGbCb, £12.50
A patchwork quilt of melodies from the Rhineland.

P 665 Two Sonatinas by Kevin Holland for treble recorder and piano, £6.50
In both pieces the piano part is an equal companion to the recorder.

P 666 Humoresque, Arabesque and Burlesque. Two Duos for Treble and Tenor recorders by Michael Landa, £4.50
A welcome addition to the duet repertoire. Moderate but with some tricky rhythm co-ordination especially in the Humoresque.

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The Playford Collection - a brand new Peacock series based on folk melodies

PCP R1 Dances & Divisions by M Barron, for 1 - 3 various, £10.00
Includes solos, duets and trios with various sizes of instruments.

PCP R2 Bittersweet Songs by M Barron, for 2 SA, £8.50
These 30 much-loved tunes with duet parts will give recorder players the opportunity to explore the expressiveness which can be found in the recorder.

PCP R3 Rainbow Recorders by M Barron, for 3 descants, £8.50
30 trios of traditional dance melodies for 3 equal instruments - either descants or tenors. They are mostly Playford dances.

New in John Turner's Contemporary Recorder Music series      

PJT 063A Recorder Concerto by Nicholas Marshall, for treble or descant recorder & string quartet, £15.50

PJT 130 Alan Gibbs - Fire of Pale Desire for high voice, treble recorder & pno, £10.50

PJT 139 Robin Walker - At the Grave of John O’Brien for treble recorder & guitar, £6.75

PJT 142 Sasha Johnson Manning - The Merry Cuckoo for countertenor, treble recorder, harpsichord & cello, £7.50

PJT 170 Anthony Halstead - Three Shakespeare Songs (Sop voc, 1 A & pno), £7.00
"Where the Bee Sucks" for recorder and soprano; "Tell Me, Where is Fancy Bred?" for soprano and piano; "If We Shadows Have Offended" for recorder, soprano and piano. Three highly characterful songs with lots of variety.

PJT 171 Robert Still - Scherzo and Canzona (recorder, horn in F and pno), £6.50
Two pieces for the unusual combination of recorder, horn and piano, which would form an ideal foil to the well known Telemann Concerto for recorder, horn and continuo.  A sparkling scherzo, showing off the characteristics of both solo instruments, is followed by a wistful and gentle Canzona.

PJT 176 Burlesca by Stuart Scott for two treble recorders - AA,  £4.50
Written in 2001, this is a challenging but exciting dialogue in a single movement for two advanced players.

PJT 178 Richard Whalley - Kokopelli, for descant and prepared piano, £5.50
Composed in celebration of John Turner’s 70th birthday. Kokopelli is a fertility deity, venerated by some Native American cultures in the south western USA. He is said to carry unborn children to women on his distinctive humped back, and also, through his music, to chase away winter and bring about spring.

PJT 179 Intermezzo for Recorder and Piano by Stuart Scott - 1 A, £5.50
Stuart Scott studied composition with Lennox Berkeley and at the age of 21 was awarded a prize at the Stroud Festival International Composers Competition. Other works of his in John Turner’s series are Rondo Lirico for treble recorder and piano and Burlesca, for two treble recorders. Intermezzo is about grade 7 or 8, very accessible, full of contrast and excitement for recorder and accompaniment.

PJT 180 Nothing is Enough by Alan Gibbs for solo treble recorder, £4.00
Written for John Turner for his 70th birthday. A short and fairly challenging piece which was inspired by a poem by Lancastrian Laurence Binyon which is to be read aloud before performance.

PJT 181 Rondo Lirico by Stuart Scott for treble recorder and piano, £5.00
A short and lyrical concert piece, of only moderate difficulty, written in memory of the composer’s friend and colleague Thomas Pitfield.

PJT 182 Cornish Carol Suite by Inglis Gundry for SAT, £8.00
There are 5 movements based on Cornish carol tunes. A very welcome addition to the Christmas repertoire. They stand as interesting little pieces in their own right, despite the Christmas theme, and could be played at any time.

PJT 183 Regumar by Stephen Dodgson for recorder, guitar and marimba, £9.50
A remarkable and beguiling work, exploiting the tone colours and characters of the individual instruments. He uses the bass recorder for the scherzo.

PJT 184 An Interrupted Waltz by Robin Stevens for descant recorder & piano, £4.50
A gracious and beguiling waltz in ternary form, with a spikier central section. The work requires a fairly assured technique, and needs subtle interplay between the two performers.

PJT 185 Quintet for treble recorder and string quartet by William Lewarne Harris, £12.50.
A colourful and alluring quintet in five short movements by a Cornish composer, a Bard of the Gorseth, with allusions to Celtic mythology, Breton folk music and James Joyce!

PJT 187 Us Two by George Herbert for treble recorder & harpsichord, £4.50
A delightful short set of variations, inspired by the well-known A. A. Milne poem. "Us Two" are of course Christopher Robin and Pooh. George is 14 and studying at Chethams.

PJT 188 Forlana by Philip Wood for descant recorder & harpsichord, £4.50
A graceful and tuneful, yet exuberant dance of only moderate difficulty for both players.

PJT 189 Suite Ecossaise by Robin Stevens for descant recorder & piano or guitar, £7.50
A cornucopia of catchy tunes in the Scottish idiom. guaranteed to bring the house down and of only moderate difficulty.

PJT 190 Harlequinade: Suite for five recorders by Raymond Warren, SATTB £11.00
Harlequinade takes the form of a short dramatic sequence with dances for traditional characters from the Comedia del arte - perhaps for a puppet theatre. Characters appearing in this suite are Pierrot, Harlequin and Columbine,and Pantaloon.

PJT 191 A Most Eloquent Music - from the incidental music to "Hamlet" by Alan Rawsthorne, for two recorders and harpsichord or lute. £4.75
This short piece was intended for on-stage performance in Act 3 Scene 2 " Re-enter players with recorders"

PJT 192 Petite Suite by John Turner, & R Stevens for 1 A/So & keyboard, £6.50
Written for John Turner, this small suite consists of six short pieces with a combined length of five minutes. The first four pieces are mere Bagatelles, each sketching a mood. The fifth, the longest and most serious, depicts a solemn public ceremony. The final piece is chirpy and spirited.

PJT 193 Interrupted Melody and Breathless Scherzo by John Turner & R Keeley, for 1 A/S, £5.00
Two short but fairly demanding solo pieces. Interrupted Melody is for treble and juxtaposes a gentle yet teasing melody with muscular rhythmic interruptions. Breathless Scherzo (for descant) employs flutter-tonguing as the hectic sprint gradually winds down to a calm but exhausted ending.

PJT 194 Gary Higginson - Cornucopia - five pieces for two recorders using des-bass, £5.50
Five diverse and entertaining pieces for two recorders of various sizes.

PJT 195 William Marshall - Little Passacaglia for 1 A & pno £6.00
An intricate and moving tribute to the late John McCabe, using material from one of the composer's early piano works. This rewarding piece is by a young multi-award-winning composer who currently teaches at Wells Cathedral School.

PJT 196 Roy Heaton Smith - Three Bagatelles for recorder, clarinet and viola £7.00
Probably written to play with friends by the composer, himself a clarinettist. The short and bubbling Scherzo is following by a graceful and stately Dance, and the final movement, Capriccio, has knockabout humour and catchy tunes.

PJT 197 Charles Paterson - Concertino - full score and set of parts for descant recorder & string orchestra £10.50
PJT 198  Charles Paterson - Concertino for descant recorder with piano accompaniment £5.50
A real earworm! This delightfully tuned and moderately easy concerto for descant recorder, in three short movements, is suitable for players of Grade 5 standard. It is playable either with piano accompaniment or with string orchestra.

New in John Turner's Recorder Miscellany series

PRM 010  Rain Dance by John Turner for descant recorder and piano,  £5.00
A companion piece to the delightful Rain Song. It is very fast - full of energy, cross rhythms and interplay between solo and accompaniment.

PRM 011 Sir John Stevenson & George Nicks: Two Flageolet Songs for Soprano, descant recorder (Flageolet)  and piano, £7.00
Another discovery of flageolet music suitable for the descant recorder, by two composers well known in their day but long forgotten. The simple tunes are beguiling, and both imitate birdsong.

PRM 012 Romance by Douglas Steele for descant recorder or flute & piano, and Womack Waltz by John Turner, for descant recorder or oboeoe & pno, £5.00
Two very simple and tuneful tunes for the beginner and intermediate student respectively. The Romance can also be played on the flute, and Womack Waltz on the oboe.

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New in Andrew Robinson Editions

PAR 460 Ernst Kramer. Ten Duets for two equal recorders ( SS, TT ) ed. Andrew Robinson, £6.50
"Zweyte Sammlung" opus 25, Vienna 1830 originally written for two Csakans. Ten charming duets of moderate difficulty.

PAR 501 Girolamo dalla Casa - Simple divisions in quavers edited by Andrew Robinson, £12.50
from Il Vero Modo di Diminuir Venice 1484 on four madrigals by Cipriano de Rore: Io canto d'Amor, Non e ch'il duol mi scemi, La Bella netta ignuda e bianca mano, Beato mi direi. This edition aims to make dalla Casa's simple divisions in quavers available to players and singers for the same purpose that he intended them: as a musical introduction to the art of ornamentation. In this edition, for convenience, the music is presented for solo instrument and keyboard. There are editorial notes on background and performance and full texts of the madrigals with translation.

PAR 258 Robert de Visee. Two Suites: D minor and G Major for Melody Instrument and Bass, £8.75
These pieces are taken from a large collection of the composers own arrangements of his quitare, lute and theorbo music for solo and BC. These were published in 1716, the originals dating back to the 1680s. There are informative & interesting notes accompanying these beautiful pieces.

Jean-Philippe Rameau newly arranged by Andrew Robinson

PAR 271 Air & Dances Vol. 1 for 1 A & keyboard, £11.75
PAR 272 Air & Dances Vol. 2 for 1 A & keyboard, £11.75
PAR 464 Duets - Vol. 1 for AA & SA, £8.75
PAR 465 Duets - Vol. 2 for AA & SA, £8.50
PAR 466 Duets - Vol. 3 for AA & SA, £8.50

Click here for full series.

NEW in Early Music Series from Peacock Press

PEMS 069 Burial Sentences by Anthony Baldwin, for S A/S T/A B, £4.50

PEMS 070 Suite from Danserye (1551), by Susato edited by Tom Beets for ATTB or BGbGCb, £5.00
6 pieces chosen from the large collection of dances by Susato

PEMS 071 Io mi son giovinetta by Susan Iadone, for 5 SSTTB, £6.50

PEMS 074 Contrapunctus 3 from the Art of the Fugue by J S Bach, arr. Eric Haas, £4.50

PEMS 075 Introduction to Unbarred Book 1 by Moira Usher for SATB, £10.50
PEMS 076 Introduction to Unbarred Book 2 by Moira Usher for SATTB, £12.50
Modern notation but no barlines help to bridge the gap between reading the modern notation and facsimile. Phrasing and expression is enhanced using these editions.

PEMS 077 This is the Day which the Lord hath Made by Samuel Howard (?1710 - 1782): Anthem for soprano, alto and bass soloists, chorus and orchestra, edited by Alan Howard, £27.50

PEMS 078 G P Telemann: Nine Sonatas TWV 40: 141-149 edited by Eric Haas for two trebles, £12.00
These are the sonatas rediscovered and sent back to Berlin in 1999 from Kiev where they were kept during World War II. A new edition - if you have not made their acquaintance, you should try them. They are very good.

PEMS 079 Thalia: A Collection of Six Favourite Songs, composed by Boyce, Arne, Smith, Battishill and Barthlemon with words by David Garrick. Edited by Simon Fleming, £13.50
Written for 2 violins, cello and bc.

PEMS 080 Corelli - Concerto Grosso Op 6 No 2 for SATBGb & opt Cb, £9.00
Another lovely Corelli Concerto Grosso. Lots of contrast and interest in all parts. Energetic but not too hard. The contra is optional but very desirable so if you have one in the group it will add richness to the sound.

Consort Music from the Court of Maximilian I
for recorders, viols and other instruments

PEMS 081 Vol. 1, 1-20 for 3, 4 and 5 parts - £20.00

PEMS 082 Vol. 2, 21-40 for 4 and 5 parts - £22.50

PEMS 083 Vol. 3, 41-60 for 3 and 4 parts £22.50

PEMS 084 Vol. 4, 61-86 for 4, 5 and 6 parts £25.00

Edited by viol and recorder player David Hatcher

All four volumes may be purchased for £75.00
Each volume is supplied with a set of parts and extra parts may be purchased separately

This scholarly and beautifully presented music makes a wonderful library of varied secular instrumental music typical of the court of Maximilian and his successor Charles V.

The five part-books now housed in the National Library of Austria, Vienna, Vienna ONB Cod. 18810, originate probably from Munich, some time in the third decade of the 16th century and contain 86 short pieces in three, four and five parts (and one in six), fourteen of which are texted. The repertoire consists of pieces by some of the greatest composers of the turn of the century, including Josquin (three pieces), Isaac (sixteen pieces), Senfl (twenty-five pieces) and Pierre de la Rue (six pieces), as well as anonymous pieces and those by lesser known contemporaries. The style of the manuscript is rather plain and evidence suggests that the part-books were compiled over a number of years. The year 1524 is given on the cover of the tenor part-book, suggesting a start date for the compilation. In his introduction to the 1987 publication of the facsimile by Alamire, Matthias Schneider surmises a date of 1535 for the last entries and also suggests that the manuscript might have been closely associated with Ludwig Senfl, the Court Composer of Maximilian I. At some point in the sixteenth century it was in the possession of the Fugger family, wealthy merchants of Augsburg, from where it was transferred to Vienna when Emperor Ferdinand III bought the Fugger family library in 1656.

Although the manuscript has been available until recently in the Alamire facsimile edition mentioned above, errors and anomalies in the part-books mean that a number of the pieces are difficult to perform directly from the original notation. The editor believes that this new edition, published in four volumes, will provide viol and recorder players with a varied collection of secular instrumental music typical of the court of Maximilian and his successor Charles V.

PEMS 085 Introduction to Unbarred - Mass in 3 voices by William Byrd, edited by Moira Usher for ATT, £10.50
This series allows players to read modern notation but, as in the original, to play the music without bar lines. This gives the music its true emphasis and expression. 
Moira has set the pieces so that everyone starts each line of music at the same time to help rehearsal problems.

PEMS 086 Introduction to Unbarred, Book 3, edited by Moira Usher for ATB, £8.80
A selection of early trios by Agricola, Byrd, Deprez and Brummel.

PEMS 087 Introduction to Unbarred: Fantasia a 6 No.1 by Orlando Gibbons for SSATBB, edited by Moira Usher, £7.00
Playing the piece unbarred gives a new dimension to this intricate music.

PEMS 088 Introduction to Unbarred: Amavi by Michael East for SSATB or AATBGb, edited by Moira Usher, £8.80
A beautiful 5-part Fantasy presented here in two keys for flexibility of orchestration.

For complete PEMS list, click here

New in Dolmetsch Library

PDL 68 - Gabrieli - Canzon 5 a 7 for 7 AAATTBGb, £7.50

Latest re-set Alex Ayre Editions (CRCS)

Code Composer Title Instrument Price
CRCS 314 Bach, J S Sinfonia Pastorale 10 AATTBB/ATBGb 7.50
CRCS 304 Telemann, Georg Philipp Concerto à 4 No 1 4 AAAA 7.25
CRCS 308 Pachelbel Pachelbel s Canon 4 AAAB 5.00
CRCS 1174 Tomkins I heard a voice from heaven 4 AATB 3.75
CRCS 1240 Tallis Hear the Voice and Prayer 4 ATTB 5.00
CRCS 309 Pachelbel Pachelbel s Canon 4 SAAT 5.50
CRCS 149 Tallis O Lord, give Thy Holy Spirit 4 SATB 3.25
CRCS 209 Purcell, Henry Fantazia 4 SATB 5.00
CRCS 289 Palestrina Dies sanctificatus 4 SATB 5.00
CRCS 291 Tye Two Easy Anthems 4 SATB 3.75
CRCS 375 Bach Fugue No 24 (48 Bk 1) 4 SATB 4.50
CRCS 404 Mendelssohn Elijah: O Rest in the Lord Version I & II and He that shall endure 4 SATB, 4 ATBGb 3.75
CRCS 210 Purcell, Henry Fantazia à 4 4 SATGb 5.00
CRCS 267 Mico, Richard 2 Fantasias 5 SSATB 3.75
CRCS 158 Palestrina Threefold Kyrie 6 SATTBB 9.50
CRCS 295 Gibbons, Orlando Fantasia à 6 no 1 6 SSAABB 9.50
CRCS 370 Vivaldi Concerto a 7 Op 3 no 7 in F 7 AAAATTB 14.50
CRCS 511 Holst The Dargason, from St Paul's Suite 7 SAATTBB 13.75
CRCS 356 Handel All we like sheep 8 SATB/SATB 11.75

For complete CRCS list (Alex Ayre reset), click here

From Mayhill Editions

MHE 30718 Recorder Septet no. 1 by Ann Marshall SnoSATBGbCb, £13.00
MHE 21118 Recorder Septet no. 2 by Ann Marshall SnoSATBGbCb, £13.50
MHE 40718 Seven Monmouth Miniatures  by Ann Marshall SAATBGbCb, £12.50
MHE 20718 Nasciens Mater for recorder double choir by Mouton arr. Steve Marshall, TTBGb/BBGbCb, £5.50
MHE 10718 Bagatelle no. 1 for tenor recorder and piano by Ann Marshall, £3.50
MHE 10618 Four Madrigals by Steve Marshall SATB, £7.00

For complete Mayhill Editions list, click here

From Cheap Trills but printed in England

TR 9 Cipriano de Rore - Quartets for Recorders (ATTB) or Viols. ed. Charles Nagel £4.50. 
These beautiful pieces are from Gardanos "Tutti I Madrigali...A Quattro Voci" 1577 Io Canterei d'Amore, Signor Mio Caro, Quel Foco, La Giusttitia Immortale 

TR 68 Reflections on Spirituals by Will Ayton for recorders SATB or viols Tr.Tn.Tn.B £7.50
Were you there, There is a Balm in Gilead, My Lord, what a morning, Deep River These beautiful melodies have been used as the foundation for some quite intricate four part writing. 

TR 20 Ruft und Fleht den Himmel an by J S Bach arr. for recorders SAT and BC £4.50 
This arrangement by Charles Nagel is from Cantata BWV 63 

TR 29 Cantate Domino by Dietrich Buxtehude arr. for recorders SATB, £4.00

New from Arcadian, arr. Stan Davis, £6.95

AP 232 Taking a Chance on Love - Duke, Latouche & Fetter - SATB
AP 233 Forty-Second Street - Warren & Dubin - AATB
AP 234 Blues in the Night - Arlen & Mercer - ATTB
AP 235 Chattanooga Choochoo - Harry Warren - AATB
AP 236 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - Raye & Prince - ATTB

New from Loux

BCMS 3 - Charles Dollé - Six Sonatas Op 1 Nos 5 & 6 for 2 trebles & bc, £20.00
Early intermediate.

LMP 182 - Miserere Nostri Domine by Thomas Tallis, SSTTTBB, £6.00

LMP 148 - Sol Re Ut (viii) et La (X) by Palestrina: 4 Playing scores, TTTB, £6.00

LMP 150 - Two New Year Carols: Wassail Song and Old Lang Syne for SATB, £3.75

LMP 209 - Godfrey Finger - Sonata Op 1 No 7 for 3 trebles & bc, £10.50
A sonata da chiesa for use in the Chapel Royal (1688), combining English tunefulness and German technique. Early intermediate.

LMP 210 - Benjamin Thorn - Blue Cat Dances for 4 AATB & kb, opt bass vdg/cello, £24.00
The five traditional dance forms - Romanesca, Sicilienne, Minuet, Gigue and Passamezzo Moderno are given new life and a modern twist. Early intermediate.

LMP 212 Heinrich Isaac ed. Loux - La La Hö Hö (SAAB & percuss) £5.50
An unusual piece, designed for use as light entertainment. A welcome and pleasurable item from the early sixteenth century.

LCC 28 Clemens/Lindvall - Two for Three: We wish you a merry Christmas & We Three Kings for SAB, £5.60
LCC 29 Clemens/Lindvall Two for Three: Sussex Carol & Il est ne for SAB & TTB, £5.60

RS 6 Thomas Morley - 6 Studies for recorder duet, edited and arranged by Gwylim Beechey for S & A - 2 playing scores - £10.50

RS 7 Glenn Shannon - Recorder Studies for Trio for AAA, TTB, ATB, BBB, £12.00
Triple Fipple Ripple (AAA) -- Serenity Now (TTB) -- Cauldron Bubble (ATB) -- Clicky Bass BACH Canon (BBB). With notes on each piece.

RS 8 Benjamin Thorn - Recorder Studies for Solo for A/S/voice, £8.00

Recorder Music Direct

Hugh Gorton's Recorder Practice Books

RMD 556 Waltz No.2 from Jazz Suite No.2 by Shostakovich, S/AAATB, £8.00
RMD 502 Elizabethan Serenade by Ronald Binge for SAATB, £8.00
RMD 115 Sicilienne from Peleas and Melisande by Gabrel Faure for S + piano, £6.00
RMD 413 Stabat Mater Dolorosa by Giovanni Pergolesi for SATB, £5.00

For the complete series click here.

New from Glenn Shannon

GSM 1008 Federal Fantasia & Fugue for 4 SATB, £8.00
GSM 1014 Dody's Oats for 6 SoSATTB, £9.00

New from Carus

HE 31308 - J S Bach: the recorder parts of his vocal works, arr. Hofmann & Thalheimer, £52.00
Johann Sebastian Bach’s recorder parts are amongst the most delightful artistic challenges which baroque music has to offer players of this instrument. In the 25 cantatas and oratorios in which Bach uses the recorder, there are parts with moderate technical demands, but also many where the instrument is at the limits of the performing techniques of the time. Taken as a whole, Bach’s recorder parts constitute a body of study material which presents plenty of challenges even for advanced players.

New from Cecilia Editions

CE FD9 G F Handel - Concerto in B flat for 1 A, 2 violins & bc, £10.50
CE FD7 Cipriano de Rore - Ancor che col partire with divisions by Ricardo Rogniono, 1592 for SATB voices, or divisions for recorder/soprano (or tenor) recorder & keyboard, £4.75
CE RR11 G P Telemann - Trio Sonata in F for 2 AA & bc, £6.50
CE RR9 Henry Thornowets- Sonata da Camera, No 1 for treble recorder & bc, £5.00
CE RR5 Diogenio Bigaglia - Sonata in D, Op 1/1 for descant recorder & bc, £6.50

New from Editions Marc Reift

EMR 18625 Colette Mourey - Flower Show - 5 easy pieces for 1 S & pno £8.45
EMR 33329 Telemann arr. Branimir Slokar, continuo Urs Flueck - Concerto G major for 1 S & pno/organ £11.25

EMR 35104 Domenico della Bella, arr John Glenesk Mortimer - Introduzione - tema e variazioni for 1 A & pno £18.00
EMR 28879 Bertrand Gay - Dolly for 1 A & pno £9.35

EMR 30506 Handel arr Ted Barclay - Concerto in F# minor for 1 T & pno/organ £17.70
EMR 30205 Guenter Noris, arr Jirka Kadlec - Rock n Roll King for 1 T & pno £6.60

EMR 36460 Beatles - McCartney & Lennon, arr Jirka Kadlec - Michelle for 1 B & pno £5.70
EMR 36226 Beatles - McCartney & Lennon, arr Jirka Kadlec - Ticket to Ride for 1 B & pno £6.60
EMR 30560 Beethoven arr Ted Barclay - Schottisches Lied for 1 B & pno/organ £9.40
EMR 27591 Cesar Cui, arr Colette Mourey - Lullaby for 1 B & gtr £4.70
EMR 36188 della Bella arr John Glenesk Mortimer - Sonata in F major for 1 B & pno/organ £13.00
EMR 30702 Donizetti arr Bertrand Gay - Una furtiva lagrima - Romance "L'Elisir d’Amore" for 1 B & pno/organ £5.70
EMR 36272 Gershwin, arr Jirka Kadlec - Summertime for 1 B & pno £8.45
EMR 28808 Glinka, arr Ted Barclay - Reiselied for 1 B & pno/organ £13.05
EMR 33537 Krebs - Fantasia for 1 B & organ £15.00
EMR 25125 Misc arr Colette Mourey- 20 Greatest Gloria Hits Vol. 2 for 1 B & pno/organ £24.30
EMR 30033 Arthur Pryor, arr Bertrand Moren- Love’s Enchantment for 1 B & pno £15.00
EMR 30278 James Scott, arr Jirka Kadlec - Broadway Rag for 1 B & pno £10.80
EMR 33539 Telemann - Sonata D minor for 1 B & pno/organ £9.40

From Kreastion:

By Pieter Campo:

KPC 0001 Vuur (Fire) in e minor for 5 - AAA in G, B in G/F), B in C (Renaissance recorders) £15.00
A virtuoso piece based on the association of the color red with fire, virtuosity, war, etc.

KPC 0002 Vuur (Fire) in d minor for 5 AAABB, £15.00
For baroque/modern recorders.

KPC 0003 Paduane for SATB, £12.50
Based on the typical rhythmic pattern of a pavane, partly influenced by Ludwig Senfl and embellished with capricious deviations and Spanish twists. In addition to the original piece this book contains a version with added ornamentation.

KPC 0004 Jig for 4 AABB, £15.00
KPC 0005 Jig for 5 AABBGb, £15.00
Based on the traditional folk dance of the same name but also contains traces of a medieval estampie.

KPC 0006 Goddesses for ATB, S/B, SS/T. SS/A/T/B (+ Opt Cb), S & 2 harps, £15.00
"Goddesses" is a well known Renaissance melody. This melody appeared in early dance tune collections such as The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book under various titles such as 'Quodling's Delight' and 'The Oak and the Ash'.

KPC 0007 Hidden Tears for 1 B & str.B, 1 T & cello, 1 A & gtr (opt cello), AB, accordion & cello, £15.00
An intimate ballad with elements of both pop music and baroque music.

KPC 0010 Recercada Primera for 4 SATB, £15.00
Borrows its bass from Boffons by Jacob van Eyck and Recercada Segunada by Diego Ortiz.The chords of this piece form a great base for improvisation.

KPC 0011 On the Highway for 3 players S/A/B + A/Ab-Alto/B + S/A/B, £15.00
A modern composition with a repetitive and dissonant character. The movement between voices imitates traffic on a highway. This composition offers advanced players a challenge with its rhythmic patterns and tricky techniques such as playing 2 recorders at once.

KPC 0012 Meditativo for 1 A in G & strings, £15.00
A lively meditation in which the basso ostinato can cause a trance like state in both performers and audience.
KPC 0013 Meditativo mi klein for 5 A(in G)/TT/B(in G)/Gb, £15.00
KPC 0021 Meditativo in G minor for 5 A/BBB/Gb, £15.00
KPC 0022 Meditativo in D minor for 1 A + 2 violins/viola/cello, £15.00

KPC 0014 The Foggy Dew for 4 SATB & gtr, £15.00
An Irish traditional air adapted for recorder quartet and guitar.

KPC 0019 Het Vraagteken (The Question Mark) for 1 S, £15.00
One of Pieter Campo's earliest compositions. This book comes with a CD accompaniment.

KPC 0020 Isabella the drunk camel for AABBGb, £15.00
Points towards estampie Isabella; a graceful medieval melody with an oriental touch.

KCR 0005 Sonate in re klein for 1 S & bc, £15.00

Also from Kreastion

KCR 0001 W A Mozart - Kyrie from Requiem in D minor (KV 626), for 4 SATB (or 8 doubled) £11.00
Originally written for 9 wind instruments, strings, basso continuo, SATB choir and 4 vocal soloists. This adaptation can be performed with 4 or 8 performers and with or without singers.

KCR 0004 A Vivaldi - Concerto in G minor TV531, for 4 ATBB, £15.00
Originally written for 2 cellos, strings and basso continuo. In this adaptation for recorder quartet the orchestral parts, basso continuo and cello solos are divided amongst four equally challenging parts.

New from Rondo Publishing

RP 100 This Merry Pleasant Spring. Music, Words and Song for Springtime from 16th and 17th Century England. Edited by Tamsin Lewis.
This book contains a huge and varied number of pieces in 2, 3 and 4 parts. It is suitable for voices, viols and recorders. It comes with a CD from which you can print all the parts you will need so look forward to Spring with this wonderful collection! £19.99

CMP 444 Dowland's Delight. Consort music in 4 parts. edited by Ian Gammie. £7.75
This is suitable for recorders or viols. Altus and Tenor parts are provided in C & G clefs. The pieces are all derived from lute music which allows us to see clearly the contrapuntal writing inherent in the composer's style. Several of the pieces existed in assorted consort music. Contents include "The Lady Russell's Pavan";"The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, her Galliard"; "Piper's Pavan"; "Mrs White's Nothing"

New from Girolamo

G 12.037 Rainer Lischka: In a Good Mood for two trebles, £13.50
G 12.038 Rainer Lischka: The Pleasure of Dancing for three recorders (various), £14.40

G12.040 Giuseppe Sammartini - Noch 3 Sonaten (Ms. Parma 2, 6, 14) for 1 A & b. c., ed. Laura Dalla Libera, bc realization Yo Hirano.
Three more sonatas for recorder from the Parma manuscript. The Sonata Parma no. 2 in F Major is one of its few four-movement sonatas. £24.50

Tommaso Albinoni - 12 Sonatas for AAT, bass recorder ad lib. & b. c., ed. Peter Thalheimer.
Sonatas 1-4: G12.039, £28.00
Sonatas 5-8: G12.043, £28.00
Albinoni's 12 sonatas or balletti for two violins, viola and b. c. were composed before 1728. By 1740 they had been adapted by an unknown arranger for three recorders and bass instrument by transposing them upwards, some by a minor third, some by a fourth. This edition adds the original basso continuo part with the original figures, which offers several and colourful combination of instruments for performance.

G12.041 Gioachino Rossini - Opera Melodies, arr. for 2 flageolets (SS) by C. Eugene Roy, ed. Franz Muller-Busch. £17.50
Rossini's melodies from The Barber of Seville, Othello, The Thieving Magpie, etc.: great Italian opera worth discovering: here in arrangements for two flageolets published in Paris ca. 1819.

New from Montem

Beethoven arr. Challinger - Variations on 'La ci darem la mano' from Mozart's Don Giovanni for AAB, MONTEM 145 , £7.50

Andrew Challinger - Swings and Roundabouts
for SAATB, MONTEM 146, £9.00

Andrew Challinger - Flourish (SSAT/ATBGb + opt. Cb, MONTEM 149, £9.60

New from Moeck

Bart Spanhove - The Finishing Touch to Practising, EM 4067, £20.00
A comprehensive and inspiring book for recorder players of all ages and ability. Bart has published his insight and experiences in this book. For the last ten years he has focused his interest on methods of practising.

EM 3346 Irmhild Beutler - Seemannsgarn 2015 - SSAATTBBGbCb, £18.60
EM 3347 Sylvia Corinna Rosin - Bear Heart - SSAAATTTBGbGbCbCb, percuss, £21.80

ZFS 839/840 - J Dowland arr Nitz - Flow My Tears, TBGb, £4.50
L Daquin, arr Rosin - Le Coucou, 3 SAB, ZFS 841/2, £4.50

New from Dolce Edition

DOL 139 - 50 Playford Dances for descant recorder and keyboard, £7.50

DOL 140 - Anthony Holborne - Fourteen Dances for descant and keyboard,  £4.50

New from Orpheus, Australia

OMP 259 Lance Eccles - Snow White & Rose Red for SATB, £11.50
OMP 260 Johann Crueger, arr. Eccles - Wie soll ich dich empfangen for SATTBBGbCb, £11.50
OMP 261 Tony Lewis - Manus Diaboli for ATBGbCb, £21.50
OMP 262 Lance Eccles - Eclipse for AATTB, £8.50
OMP 264 Joan Gilmour - Balmain Frolic, Helter Skelter & The Clown has lost his balloon for solo descant & pno, £8.00
OMP 265 Joan Gilmour - When Johnny Comes Marching Home for solo descant & pno, £8.00
OMP 266 Lance Eccles - Water Ballets for SATB, £10.50
OMP 267 Lance Eccles - Animal Houses for ATTB, £8.50
OMP 268 Lance Eccles - Sunlight on the Glacier for SATTB, £8.50

From Flautando

J S Bach, arr. Ferdinand Gesell
FE B-007 - Fuge BWV 881 for 3 SAB - £6.40
FE B-011 - Fuge BWV 864 for 3 SAB - £5.20
FE B-016 - Fuge BWV 869 for 4 SATB - £11.50
FE B-018 - Fuge BWV 876 for 4 SATB - £5.60
FE B-019 - Fuge BWV 878 for 4 SATB - £6.50
FE B-022 - Fuge BWV 849 for 5 ATBGbCb or SoSATB - £8.00
FE B-023 - Fuge BWV 867 & Preambulum 872a for 5 ATBGbSb - £8.00

FE M-222 - Dietrich Buxtehude, ed. Adrian Wehlte - Kanon BuxWV 124, Canzonetta BuxWV 167 for 3 ATB - £7.60

Fulvio Caldini
FE A-034 - Steinbock Toccata Op. 94/B for solo treble, £7.00
FE A-048 - Clockwork Game for 4 S(A)ATB, £19.80
FE A-078 - Pensieri del tramonto Op. 107 for 4 SATB, £17.50
FE A-198 - Tre Corali for 5 TBBBB, £8.45

FE B-030 - Frederic Chopin, arr. H-J Wilbert - Mazurka for 4 SATB, £5.85
FE M-224 - Michel-Richard Delalande, ed. Adrian Wehlte - Symphonie de Noel for 4 AATCb, £12.00

Lance Eccles
FE A-177 - Amazing Blue Grace for 5 AATTB, £9.50
FE A-189 - Transgressions for two trebles, £12.00
FE A-191b - Marchen: Snow White & Rose Red 2 for 4 SATB, £9.30
FE A-191c - Marchen: Snow White & Rose Red 3 for 4 SATB, £9.80
FE A-197 - Solo fur Michael for solo treble, £5.50
FE M-321 - 3 English Folksongs for 5 TTTTB, £12.00
FE M-322 - 5 Highland Songs for 5 SATTB, £12.00

FE M-045 - Irmtraud Geywitz - Eichhoernchen Song Zugfahrt for solo descant, £5.00
FE B-032 - Joseph Haydn, arr. H-J Wilbert - Minuet in G major for 4 SATB, £6.20
FE A-025 - Mario Lavista - Ofrenda for solo tenor, £9.80

Klaus Miehling
FE M-122 - 6 Passionslieder Op. 123a & 161a for solo tenor & bc, £21.50
FE M-129 - Geh' aus, mein Herz und suche Freud, Op. 129 for 4 AATB £12.00
FE M-139 - 6 Choralarbeitungen nach Martin Luther for 4 AATB, £17.50

FE B-035 - Gottlieb Muffat, arr. H-J Wilbert - Bourree for 4 SATB, £6.75
FE B-053 - Johann Pachelbel, arr. Helmut Voth - Fuga in D minor for 4 SATB, £4.00
FE M-245 - G P da Palestrina, ed. Adrian Wehlte - St Petrus-Hymnus for 4 TBBGb or SAAT, £7.60
FE M-246 - G B Pergolesi, , ed. Adrian Wehlte - Grave aus Stabat Mater for 4 AAAB, £7.60
FE M-311 - Valentin Rathgeber, arr. H-J Wilbert - Aria Pastorella for 4 SATB, £6.45

Victor Rondon
FE A-027 - Tango for solo treble, £6.80
FE A-032 - Rumba for solo treble, £5.80

FE M-096 Antonio Soler, arr. K Miehling - Fandango for solo treble & harpsichord £4.50

G P Telemann, arr. Ferdinand Gesell
FE M-042 - Tafelmusik III 1. Suite B-Dur Part 1 for 7 SSATBGbCb, £21.80
FE M-043 - Tafelmusik III 1. Suite B-Dur Part 2 for 7 SSATBGbCb, £19.70

FE B-058 - Hermann-Josef Wilbert - 10 Spirituals for 5 SSATB £12.50

EW 774 Arthur S. Sullivan: Five Christmas Carols - £14.50
for 4 recorders, transcribed and edited by Dagmar Wilgo. The five songs "All This Night Bright Angels Sing", "Bethlehem", "I Sing The Birth Was Born To-Night", "Noel", and "Upon The Snow-Clad Earth" are original late romantic choir music, which is well suited for recorder quartet. Series Flautando Edition

From Instant Harmony

IH 26 - 49 Preludes, Fantaisies, and Caprices for solo treble, collected by Charles Babel, ed. David Lasocki, £21.00
Never published before, not even in the Baroque period! An excellent and fun collection of Baroque pieces: fine practice material, also useful as models for writing or improvising your own preludes, fantaisies, and caprices. The manuscript is preserved in the British Library in London.

From Edition Tre Fontane

ETF 066 Nice Day by Takahiko Saito for 1 A,£6.30
ETF 068 Caprice by Bizet, arr. for 6 recorders - Sno.A,A.T.B.B, £14.00
ETF 3057 Aeternum vale by Chris Johnson for 1 A, violin, viola, cello, CD, £17.00
ETF 3065 Tiger Blues by Jakob Manz for 5 AATTB,£13.50 - on YouTube here
ETF 3066 Schwebungen by Markus Schonewolf for 4 SATB,£24.50
ETF 3067 Nadi Bumi (To The Trees) by Azizol Ainolnam for treble recorder (extended technique), £6.50
ETF 3068 Start Now Pop-Ballade by Sabine Baumann for 4 recorders SATB, Bass, piano and voice, £17.50
ETF 3069 Fanfare by Chiel Meijering for SSTBBCbCbGb,£23.50
ETF 3071 Doel by Indra Persoons for 1 T & cello, £9.00 - winner of 2017 Nordhorn Recorder Festival composition competition
ETF 3072 Clockwise by Annette Kruisbrink for 4 SAA/TB, £9.90
ETF 3078 Shir hashirim Suite by Gianmartino Maria Durighello for 2 SA(B) & gtr,£18.90
ETF 3088 Harde Puntjes inc CD bu Chiel Meijering for 1 S, clarinet, pno, violin, cello, £19.80
ETF 3086 Die drei Spatzen (The Three Sparrows) by Agnes Dorwath for SATB, £7.20

From Jolly Robin

JRMM 001 The Charlton Method: A Manual for the Advenced Recorder Player by Andrew Charlton
This amazing book has been reprinted. 180 pages of information and music. The Contents listing takes up two whole pages! Andrew covers every aspect of technique and provides a wealth of music to put those techniques into practice. There are studies and duos from J S Bach, Characteristic Etudes - 22 extended pieces for various recorders and 15 duos by composers from over three centuries.

This volume is very good value for money at £26.00

From Moseler

M 41.101 Peter Benary - Sonatine for descant recorder and piano (published 1972), £6.50

New from Peters

Light Dance by Jonathan Dove for SnoSAATBGbCb
P 72408 score, £4.95
P 72408 set of parts, £14.95
The piece was commissioned by the SRP to celebrate the Society's 75th birthday.

New from Schott

ED 13712 Anthony Hopkins - Pastiche Suite for treble recorder and piano, £6.99
Written for Walter Bergmann in 1944 when in his 20s and rediscovered in 2012.

ED 21787 Schott Recorder Library: The Finest Sonatas & Suites for two trebles - Paisible, Finger, Purcell, Croft, Loeillet, Delavigne, Boismortier, Naudot, Valentine and Telemann, ed. Kretschmann, £16.99
This book is a collection of some of the best duets from the Baroque. 123 pages in all of music, Well laid out with only a couple of unavoidable difficult page turns, good print and complete works are used. Fantastic value.

ED 21788 Schott Recorder Library: The Finest Sonatas for Treble recorder and BC - Finger, Pepusch, Bononcini, Bigaglia, Vivaldi, Loeillet, Teleman (3 sonatas), Handel (2 sonatas), Marcello (2 sonatas), Chedeville, ed Kretschmann,  £16.99

ED 21796 Treble Recorder Solo Book: 175 pieces from 8 centuries, ed Hintermeier, £16.99
175 pieces from 8 Centuries. Quite different from other compendium solo books. This includes pieces from The Modern Musick Master 1730, The Bird Fancyers Delight, The Complete Flute Master, Airs Anglois, and much, much more.

ED 21550 Treble Recorder Duet Book: 120 duets from 8 centuries, ed Hintermeier, £16.50
A very interesting collection of duets, some from lesser known composers. Among the more recent works are pieces by Staeps and Linde. A wealth of contrast and diversity. Again a really good buy.

ED 13567 English Folk Tunes for Recorder with accompanying CD - trad. arr. Peter Bowman for solo descant, £11.99
62 traditonal Pieces for descant recorder chosen and edited by Peter Bowman. Chord symbols have also been added for accompaniment purposes. The songs in this edition include 1) Love songs, laments and lullabies; 2) Drinking songs; 3) Songs in praise of places, seasons, work and occupations; 4) Ballads.

ED13591  Renaissance Recorder Anthology Vol. 1: 32 Pieces for Descant Recorder ed. Bowman & Bennetts, £11.99 incl. CD

ED  23017 Duets for Fun - descant recorders : Misc. ed. Elizabeth Kretschmann, SS, £12.50
ED 23018  Duets for Fun for treble recorders : Misc. ed. Elizabeth Kretschmann, AA, £12.50
Both books contain predominantly Baroque pieces but with some Early pieces and some modern ones. The descant book contains many short and easier pieces but a good variety. Both parts are of a similar standard. The treble book has sonatas and suites which are printed with all movements and the selection is very enjoyable.

New from Edition Walhall

EW 797 Bartok - 16 Stuecke aus Fuer Kinder - SATB, £18
EW 986 J Chr Schultze - Konzert B-Dur, Partita for solo treble, strings & bc, £18
EW 990 J Chr Schultze - Konzert B-Dur, KA for solo treble, strings & bc, £15
EW 993 Bartok - 9 Stuecke aus Mikrokosmos - SATB, £18.75
EW 999 Conti - Cares when they’re over for Sop voc, 1 S (or violin), strings & bc, £14.00

European Music Archive

EMA 139 Angelo Notari - Canzona Passaggiata for solo descant or tenor & bc, £4.95

EBA Music

EBA 1133 Nicola Fiorenza + Anon - 4 Sonatas for recorder (A) and bc, £13.50

New from Mieroprint

MER 1054 Matthias Maute: La Finette and Le Danseur. Solos for treble or bass recorder,  £7.20

MER 1215  Matthias Maute: A Due for 2 treble recorders, £12.60
Exciting stuff. Prelude, Circle Song 1, Lament, Circlesong 2. Two scores are included

MER 1112 Fumihara Yoshimine: Kai for 2 tenor recorders, £12.60
Some extended technique. Symbols are explained in English. Two scores included

MER 1213 Frans Geysen: City of Smile, Vol. 1. 5 Solo Pieces for descant recorder. £9.00
MER 1214 Vol. 2 of the above, £9.00
The pieces were conceived as solo dance accompanied by a recorder. The pieces make wonderful advanced studies. Book 2 contains more advanced pieces than book 1.

New pieces by Harold Owen, from PRB

Dennis’ Folly for 1 A & harpsichord/pno, PRB CIO31, £8.00
Attractive "Neo-Baroque" tonal music for Grade 8 level. "A glamorous display" with a touch of "madness".

Sonata for 1 A, 1 T & keyboard, PRB CC035, £9.60

Three Recorder Duets for SoB, ST, AA, PRB CC077, £9.60

New from Universal

UE 35732 Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin - Recorder Trio Book 2 (SSA/SAA), £11.50

UE 34190 Misc. arr. Florian Bramboeck - Celtic Recorder Duets (SS), £9.75
Includes " My Love is like a Red, Red Rose", "Molly Malone", "Wild Rover" and many more.

UE 31480 J S Bach - 8 Little 3-Part Pieces for SAB, £11.99

From Ursus

URS 61555 Allan Rosenheck - 5 Temperamente for SATB, £6.00
URS 71556 Allan Rosenheck- Los Angeles for 5 SATTB, £26.00
Written for the Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra. 5 Movements describing different areas of Los Angeles

From Ut Orpheus

FL 23 Koji Ueno - Quartetto Pastorale (SATB) £23.95
Taking baroque music as a starting point, elements of fugue can be identified in the outer movements, whilst the central Andante is titled ‘English Pastoral’. A serious quartet which will reward higher-level players.

From Van Hoof

VH 3   Paul van Hoof: The Orion Nebula for S (solo), T, B, B , £11.50
The original version was for Brass instruments, bugle solo and 3 trumpets, and expresses the composer’s fascination for astronomy. An interesting and exciting piece.  

Fantasias by John Coprario (1575 - 1626) for Viols adapted for Recorders

ECR 01 Six Two Part Fantasias, £7.50
This edition is an arrangement for recorders of Coprario's six part fantasias that he may have composed for his tuition of William Lawes. Four have been arranged for either descant & treble or tenor and bass and two are for treble and tenor. Two playing scores + bass clef part are included.

ECR 02 Five Four Part Fantasias, £8.50
Arranged for SATB Coprario was employed by the courts of James I and Charles I and had the reputation of being one of the leading instrumental composers. His works enjoyed considerable popularity in the early to mid-17th century.

ECR 03 Five Consort Songs by William Byrd, £9.50
William Byrd composed over 100 consort songs, both sacred and secular. Although viols would have been a common choice for the instrumental accompaniment, recorders are also well suited. The five songs in this edition have been taken from a manuscript in the British Library and have been selected so that the top line can either be sung or played on a descant recorder:
My mistress had a little dog; O Lord, how vain; In angel's weed; Out of the orient crystal skies; Ye Sacred Muses

ECR 04 Six Three Part Fantasias, £9.50
A lovely clear edition of these wonderful pieces. All the parts you need in the appropriate clefs to play these fantasias on S.A.B or T.B.Gb (Gb in treble and bass clef)

About Fretwork Editions

This purpose of this series is to make available to recorder players some of the finest English consort music of the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Fretwork Editions has been publishing large bodies of this repertoire for viol players in authoritative editions since 1990, and now has a substantial catalogue of music by the greatest composers of the period: Byrd, Dowland, Coprario, Gibbons, Lupo, Jenkins and William Lawes. In our new series of recorder consort music we aim to select pieces from several of our published collections, having regard to range and key, and produce new editions suited to recorder consort with appropriate clefs and, where necessary, alternative parts for high and low consort. The first publications in this series are of consort music by John Coprario in 2, 3 and 4 parts, and of consort songs by William Byrd for voice and 4-part consort.

This is all great music, and recorder players deserve to enjoy it as much as viol players, so don't miss out - there is much more where this came from! - William Hunt


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Teaching young talented students

The role of recorder in schools - and how to introduce it as a non-specialist

Top tips for exam success

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20 years teaching recorder in Brazil

Conservatoire professor / amateur recorder orchestra conductor

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Centrespread, Entre le boeuf et l'ane gris - Trad., arr. David Gordon

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