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Orpheus Music publishes quality contemporary recorder music suitable for both the amateur and the professional player, representing a fresh and distinctive voice in the recorder world.

All publications come with separate playing parts and a score. Additional parts may be ordered for larger groups.

E=easy, ME=moderately easy, MD=moderately difficult, D=difficult, VD=very difficult.

Solo Works - Solo + acc - Duets - Duets + acc. - Three Recorders - Three + acc. - Quartets - Quintets - Six or More - Collections

NB Prices below are very out of date. Please check at for current price.

Solo Works

OMP 002 - Zana Clarke - Shadow Dancer (MD)

Ganassi recorder in G or treble recorder, £6.00

A medley of original dance melodies. Makes good use of asymmetrical rhythms and includes a structured improvised introduction.

OMP 003 - Benjamin Thorn - Where's the other one? (MD)

Descant and treble recorder, one player, £6.00

Three short lively pieces, with interesting rhythmic and melodic development, using two recorders at once. Uses the two recorders both in parallel motion and in counterpoint. Always very popular with audiences.

OMP 004 - Benjamin Thorn - Croutons IIIa (D)

Alto recorder, £7.00

Three exciting pieces using a variety of timbres and multiphonics. Provides opportunity for both extrovert flair and introspective cantabile playing.

OMP 005 - Zana Clarke - Cold Honey (MD)

Tenor recorder or voice flute, £6.00

Exotic recurring melody that uses a non-diatonic mode. Uses a range of metres and provides opportunity for the performer's creativity.

OMP 006 - Zana Clarke - Gentle Walker (VD)

Tenor recorder and voice, £7.00

Beautiful harmonies and melodies in three movements utilising different techniques of vocalized recorder. First and third movements explore complex counterpoint between recorder and voice. Probably most suitable for a female voice.

OMP 014 - Zana Clarke - Fragment Longing and Solace (MD)

Ganassi recorder, £6.00

Two melodic pieces. Fragment Longing explores some of the timbral and tonal possibilities for the Ganassi recorder and has some aleatoric sections.

OMP 015 - Zana Clarke - Swamp (VD)

Treble recorder and voice, £4.70

Creates some interesting and sometimes surprising combinations of timbre and harmony through use of recorder and voice.

OMP 020 - Ross Edwards - Ulpirra (D)

Descant recorder, £6.00

Lively, rhythmical and tuneful piece. Makes good use of additive rhythms and subtle theamatic variations. Typical of Edwards' maninya style.

OMP 021 - Malcolm Tattersall - Ikaho (D)

Bass recorder, £7.00

Atmospheric piece with Asian influences. Initial section is based on a Japanese poem which is developed using vocalisation, pitch bending and other timbral effects. A good meditative piece.

OMP 029 - Gary Monger - Gecko (MD)

Descant recorder, £5.00

Short lively piece using additive rhythms.

Level Moderately difficult

OMP 032 - Benjamin Thorn - Chocolate Bulbul (MD)

Treble recorder, £6.00

One whimsical and one lively piece. Makes some use of multiphonics.

OMP 055 - Benjamin Thorn - Forestry in New England and The Waters of Babylon (MD)

Bass recorder, £6.00

A boisterous and attractive piece in thre movements that uses multiphonics and voice. A haunting melodic piece.

OMP 068 - Beverly Lea - Through the Trees (M)

Bass recorder, £5.00

Strongly rhythmic piece that works well on the bass.

OMP 072 - Benjamin Thorn - Misery Surrounds Me (M)

Bass recorder, £6.00

Instrumental versions of a XV century popular song.

OMP 074 - Donald Bousted - Two Responses to Silence (VD)

Tenor Recorder. We still have the original Composer Press version of this, CP 44406 at £3.25

Two short pointillistic pieces that use extreme range of recorder.

OMP 079 - Richard P Maddox - Birthday Piece (D)

Treble recorder, £6.60

Lively virtuosic piece written for Karin Ashley whose ambition is to find music that is as difficult and fast as possible!

OMP 085 - Robert Allworth - How Many Sunsets Will I See? Treble or Mandolin recorder

& A Meditation of Saint Clare Treble recorder (M) £6.60

Atmospheric, static, meditative and mesmeric pieces.

OMP 089 - Winsome Evans - A Rose in Phrygian Nines & Snave's Violetta Tango (MD)

Descant or tenor recorder, £6.60

Two lively and rhythmic pieces with amusing ornamented melodies.

OMP 090 - Beverly Lea - Pages From a Book (MD)

Tenor recorder, £6.00

Fascinating exploration of the expressive possibilities of some extended techniques.

OMP 091 - Beverly Lea - Desert Night (MD)

Tenor recorder, £6.00

Beautifully evocative atmospheric piece. Uses voice in one section.

OMP 092 - Rodney Waterman - Zana (MD)

Ganassi in G or treble recorder, £6.00

Attractive short piece using Brazilian rhythms and some extended techniques.

OMP 102 - Malcolm Tattersall - Franklin River (MD)

Treble recorder, £6.60

Evocative and atmospheric piece that uses a variety of modern techniques, including a partly optional structure, some scope for individual interpretation and multiphonics etc.

OMP 107 - Zana Clarke - Mind Your Step (MD)

Treble recorder, £7.70

Fun funky rhythmic piece in quasi-minimalist style, based on the rhythms of an airport announcement! Includes sung text and singing into instrument.

OMP 112 - Racheal Cogan - Asiadeh and other songs (MD)

Treble recorder.£8.80

Four fascinating pieces using middle eastern forms and idioms. Can be used as the basis for improvisations or played with other instruments.

OMP 168 - Adrian Vincent - Degraves Street, 1 A, £8.80

3 movements 1. Morning 2. Noon 3. Evening Some use of avant-garde techniques. Attractive solo piece that evokes a Melbourne streetscape at three different times of day.

YCS 001 - Keiran Parker - ... and Friends (MD)

Treble recorder, £4.00

An attractive piece that combines evocative melody and some contemporary techniques.

YCS 004 - Elizabeth Law - Crustaceans (MD)

Treble recorder, £4.00

Programmic piece that evokes crabs on a beach. It has an interesting rhythmic build up to a screaming climax before fading away.

YCS 005 - Colin Schmidt - ... with cast iron diamonds (D)

Tenor recorder, £5.00

Lively and rhythmic, with some extended techniques.


Recorder with Accompaniment

OMP 008 - Benjamin Thorn - Blue Wombat (MD)

Treble recorder and piano, £7.00

Lively and rhythmic. Makes some use of multiphonics.

OMP 025 - Benjamin Thorn - Out of Aegypt (M)

Treble recorder and guitar, £7.00

Three short lively pieces. First movement uses repeated melodic cells and cross rhythms. Second movement is a folky setting of psalm 114. Third movement is a rondo in 5/8.

OMP 019 - Benjamin Thorn - Minikin (M)

Descant recorder and guitar, £6.00

Whimsical and tuneful. Reworks similar material for the recorder, in fast and slow versions, over differing accompanying patterns in the guitar.

OMP 034 - Suzanne Palmer-Holton - Six Pieces for Simone (E)

Descant recorder and piano, £6.00

Six simple tuneful pieces.

OMP 054 - Benjamin Thorn - Pipistrelli gialli (D)

Bass recorder and live electronics, £8.00

Three exhilarating pieces using delay and electronic distortion that explore a wide range of timbres and subtle variations in texture.

OMP 059 - Nigel Butterley - The White-Throated Warbler (MD)

Sopranino recorder and harpsichord, £6.75

Classic short piece that evokes birdsong.

OMP 071 - Benjamin Thorn - Mefisto Minatures (MD)

Recorder and percussion, £8.00

Ten short tuneful pieces for various recorders (D, Tr, B) and percussion (marimba, bongos, cymbal). A short version for solo treble may be performed.

OMP 076 - Donald Bousted - Leaves Fall: Winter Comes (ME)

Alto recorder and piano or harpsichord. We still have the original Composer Press version of this, CP 44403, £4.50

Five moderately easy character pieces. A fairly tricky keyboard part gives added aural complexity.

OMP 083 - Benjamin Thorn - Two Diagonals and a Squiggle (D)

Descant/treble tenor recorder, 4 tom toms, 4 tin cans and 5 temple blocks, £11.00

Three lively rhythmic pieces that use multiphonics and voice.

OMP 084 - Lance Eccles - Moonlit Garden (ME)

Descant recorder and piano, £8.80

Attractive flowing melody.

OMP 094 - Benjamin Thorn - Salad Undressing (MD)

Treble recorder and violincello, £8.80

Lively rhythmic piece with asymmetrical metres and beguiling melodies.

OMP 099 - Donald Bousted - New Horizon (ME)

Tr and Harpsichord, £8.80

Five short, fun and lively little pieces, with descriptive titles. Nice interplay between recorder and harpsichord parts and some funky dissonance.

OMP 113 - Robyn Ellis - David's Ramble I and II, Midnight Run (M)

Descant recorder and piano. £9.90

Lively and fun melodic pieces with some delicious rhythmic quirks.

OMP 124 - Andrew Uren Sonatina

Descant recorder & gtr/pno £8.80

Lovely impressionistic work with accompaniment in versions for both guitar and piano

OMP 133 - Benjamin Thorn - Ragged Robin

Treble recorder, guitar & double bass £12.10

Lively, funky trio with an atmospheric middle movement

OMP 144 - Sr Duchesne Lavine - Rhythmic Recorder

Treble recorder & piano £11.00

Four fun pieces with jazzy rhythms

OMP 149 - Suzanne Palmer-Holton - Rolling in the Mud

1 S & pno £9.90

Six fun little pieces for beginning players 

OMP 153 - John Hardy - Sonata

Solo descant and piano, £8.50

Attractive whole-tone piece with some interesting variety.

OMP 154 - John Hardy - Sonata

Solo treble and piano, £12.00

Engaging and varied whole-tone piece

OMP 156 - Racheal Cogan - Absence (Ganassi rec in G) & For Fardin (2 Ganassi recs, C & G, 1 player), £9.50

Fascinating and hypnotic Balkan/middle eastern inspired pieces. Interesting rhythms and optional percussion.

OMP 158 - Zana Clarke - Rosaluna

1 A & voc, £7.00

Calm, atmospheric short piece for vocalized recorder

OMP 159 - John Hardy - Sonatina

Solo treble and piano, £9.50

Nice structured whole-tone piece with interesting variety

OMP 160 - Peter Peters - Gobbledegook & other tunes for kids

Solo descant and piano, £9.50

Fourteen fun little jazz-influenced pieces for beginning players.

OMP 161 - Peter Peters - Four Ply

Solo treble and piano, £7.50

Fun jazz-influenced piece

OMP 162 - Peter Peters - Pisces

Solo treble and piano, £7.50

Atmospheric and impressionistic little piece

OMP 169 - Greg Bartholomew - Beneath the Apple Tree, treble recorder & bass viol, £8.80

Appealing and varied little duo for recorder and viol.

OMP 170 - Tim Knight - Progress Suite for descant recorder and piano, £8.80

Fun and appealing piece that starts simply and gets more and more interesting as it elaborates the opening theme. Uses some very high notes

OMP 175 - Racheal Cogan - Nanourisma for solo treble & tuned percussion, £7.70

Single movement. Ethereal filigree work based on a Greek lullaby. Some beautiful sound combinations including use of voice.

OMP 179 - Lance Eccles - Toccata, Cantabile and Brawl for tenor recorder and 'cello, £11.00

1. Toccata: the Funnelweb in the Rose; 2. Cantabile: The Toad Lays Its Eggs; 3. Brawl: Attack of Angry Chihuahuas

OMP 180 - Winsome Evans - Codex Snaviensis 1 for voice and various combinations of recorder & percussion, £17.00

Creative extensions of fragments of medieval melodies

OMP 181 - Diana Blom - Lute and Flute for treble recorder and 'cello, £8.80

Contemporary piece, single movement - attractive and inventive dialogue between recorder and cello.

OMP 184 - Rupert Kirby - Eleanor for descant recorder and piano, £9.90

Winner of the 2007 Orpheus Music Composition Competition.

OMP 186 - Robyn Ellis - Shemozzle for treble recorder and piano, £9.90

Contemporary piece.

OMP 190 - Edward Southall - False Lights for treble recorder and piano, £8.80

Atmospheric evocation of the deliberate wrecking of ships sailing near to the east coast of England.

OMP 191 - Robert Kirby - For Kimberley and For Sally, for solo descant and piano, £8.80

OMP 198 - Lance Eccles - Dragonflies for treble recorder & pno, £8.80

Short attractive character piece with some high notes.

OMP 201 Jonathan Crehan - Mouse Dances (to get away from the cat!) for tenor recorder & viola, £11.00

Winner of the 2008 Orpheus Music Competition. A light-hearted sequence of dance-like sections.

OMP 207 - Two Heavenly Dances by Diana Blom for descant recorder & organ, £8.99

OMP 208 - The Sun Rising by Diana Blom for treble recorder & organ, £11.50

OMP 220 - Tom Zadik: Theme and Variations for bass recorder & piano, £7.60

OMP 227 - Lance Eccles: Pussycat in Paradise for descant & piano, £12.40
The Pussy Cat, The Nightingales of Paradise, The Little Antichinus. Delightful pieces of about grade 4 standard.

OMOS 005 G. Caccini, F. Caccini, G. Carissimi ed. Benjamin Thorn - Five Early Baroque Songs for voice or tenor recorder & cont/guitar, £12.00

1. Guilio Caccinio, Amarilli mia bella 2. Guilio Caccini, S'io vivo, anima mia 3. Francesca Caccini, Aria del Pastore from La Liberazone di Ruggiero 4. Giacomo Carissimi, Vittoria, Vittoria! 5. Guilio Caccini, Aur'amorosa

YCS 002 - Fiona Warnock - Rainforest Nocturne (M)

Treble recorder and piano, £5.00

An evocative piece with good interplay between the instruments.

YCS 003 - Jessica Wells - Twilight (MD)

Treble recorder and piano, £5.00

Creates some interesting tensions between recorder and piano parts. An attractive mood piece.

YCS 008 - Cavin Adams - Cappuccino Break (MD)

Tenor recorder and piano, £5.00

Pleasant jazzy piece. Winner of the Third National Recorder Competition under-18 composition section.

YCS 010 - Jason Jeffrey - Cherub's Dance (MD)

Treble recorder and guitar, £6.00

Lively rhythmic piece.

YCS 011 - Nicholas Ng - Poppies and Spice

Tenor recorder and guitar, £6.60

Interesting piece that makes use of Chinese melodies and ornamental techniques.


OMP 001 - Zana Clarke - Behind my Right Shoulder (D)

Ganassi recorder in G466 and treble recorder A415 + voice or soprano and alto recorder and voice, £8.00

Evocative and melodic. Melodic invention is both free form and rhythmic. Uses a range of timbral effects combining the voice with the recorder and two recorders simultaneously (mainly in parallel motion). Most suitable for a female voice.

OMP 023 - Ross Edwards - Ten Little Duets (M)

Duet (2D or various combinations), £9.00

Tuneful, rhythmic duets with a good range of moods from whimsical to boppy. Makes good use of cross rhythms.

OMP 027 - Benjamin Thorn - Canard-canard~ (D)

Duet (Tr and D/Tr/T), £8.00

Three lively crunchy pieces using a variety of modern techniques.

OMP 033 - Malcolm Tattersall - Arabesques (MD)

Duets (Tr,T), £7.00

Two duets with eastern influences with florid ornamentation and interesting rhythms.

OMP 052 - Benjamin Thorn - Duetto ultimo (D)

Duet (2D, 2Tr), £7.00

Duet for two recorder players each playing descant and treble and singing. A lively little duet that stretches the definition of a duet.

OMP 064 - Lance Eccles - On the Forest Floor (D)

Duet (2Tr), £7.00

A group of interesting duets with attractive melodies and some piquant harmonies.

OMP 078 - Lance Eccles - Spangled Sonata (MD)

Duet (2Tr), £7.70

Three fascinating duets with glittering harmonies and interesting rhythms.

OMP 080 - Donald Bousted - Four Pieces (MD)

Duet (2 Alto) We still have the original Composer Press version of this, CP 44170, £7.95

Challenging duets with some interesting cross rhythms

OMP 100 - Donald Bousted - Whale Song (D)

Duet 2 renaissance recorders, £11.00

Wonderfully ethereal and atmospheric piece using, voice microtones and multiphonics and some tricky rhythms.

OMP 216 Tootle Bottle by Ondrej Sarek for SS, £11.25

OMP 228 Lance Eccles:  On the Pavement  for 2 treble recorders, £12.40
A fun set of duets with a bit of chromaticism and some funky rhythms.

YCS 009 - Karyn Ashley - Spasmodic (D)

Duet for four recorders (2D, 2Tr), £5.60

Lively piece for two players each playing descant and treble recorders simultaneously.

Two or More Recorders and Accompaniment

OMP 077 - Donald Bousted - Pieces for Dorothy (Part I) (M)

Soprano and Alto recorders and harpsichord We still have the original Composer Press version of this, CP 44310, £5.95

Three descriptive pieces with some interesting cross rhythms.

OMP 081 - Benjamin Thorn - Hot Silk (D)

2 descant recorders and harpsichord, £8.80

Brilliant flash of sound with anarchic rhythms and multiphonics

OMP 082 - Benjamin Thorn - Bagliori (D)

2 descant recorders and harpsichord, £7.70

Brilliant flash of sound with anarchic rhythms and multiphonics

OMP 096 - Donald Bousted - Pieces for Dorothy Part 2 (MD)

D, Tr and Harpsichord. We still have the original Composer Press version of this, CP 44311, £8.95

Three more lively and rhythmically fun pieces with a few flutter tongues thrown in. Recorder parts both have some very high notes and Harpsichord has some tricky rhythmic sections.

OMOS 004 - J C Pepusch arr. Benjamin Thorn - The Beggar's Opera Suite for 2 S,A,T + T & harpsichord

YCS 013 - Erinn Thornton - Snow Coat and Milkblue (M)

2 Tr and percussion, £6.60

Beautiful atmospheric and timbral pieces. Some quarter tones and glissandi. Percussion parts largely improvised.

YCS 014 - Matilda Pamment - The Revellers enter. . . (M)

Two trebles and drum. £7.15

Lively rhythmic piece in 7/8 and 12/8. Good fun to play.

Three Recorders

OMP 018 - Benjamin Thorn - Due giochini esatonici (M)

Trio (D, Tr, B), £7.00

Two short funky trios with hexatonic scale.

OMP 041 - Miggs Coggan - Handeling a Rondo (E)

Three recorders (D, Tr, T) and piano, £6.00

Simple piece based on themes by Handel suitable for massed playing by fairly inexperienced players. Descant part uses 5 notes.

OMP 049 - Lance Eccles - Promenades (M)

Trio (Tr, T, B), £7.00

Three tuneful character pieces with promenades for goddesses, nymphs and satyrs.

OMP 063 - Benjamin Thorn - Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance and Other English Folksongs (ME)

Trio (D, Tr, T), £9.00

An attractive collection of tuneful, lesser known English folksongs.

OMP 087 - Benjamin Thorn - Three Cantigas (ME)

Trio (D, Tr, T), £7.70

Fun, lively and rhythmic arrangements of three Cantigas de Santa Maria from the XIII century

OMP 097 - Clarke/Thorn - Tall Bamboo (E)

Trio (D, Tr, T), £7.70

Four attractive pentatonic songs with oriental resonances. All parts are interesting and there is some simple syncopation in one of the songs.

OMP 105 - Lance Eccles - The Nations (ME)

(2D, Tr), £15.40

Useful collection of 20 folksongs in attractive short arrangments from around the world. A popular publication.

OMP 114 - Benjamin Thorn - Wel Annemarieke, waar gaat gij and other Dutch folksongs (ME)

D, Tr, T -£9.90

Attractive and fun versions of six Dutch folksongs.

OMP 117 - Nigel Butterley - Four Pieces AAT, £9.50

Subtle astringent little pieces with bewitching rhythmic and harmonic complexity.

OMP 123 - Richard Peter Maddox - Trio for Recorders, AAT, £11.00

Attractive, tuneful trio of three dance like movements

OMP 134 Rachael Cogan Syrta ATB £9.90

A touch of Greece with two traditional Cretan melodies and two original pieces in the same style with florid ornamentation.

OMP 137 - Lance Eccles - Garden of Eden, ATB, £10.50

Evocative set of programmatic pieces with some chromaticism and crunchy harmony

OMP 143 - Paul Bruer - Linear Walk, ABB, £8.80

Lively, funky little trio that is fun to play

OMP 151 - Lance Eccles - Some Repented, ATB, £9.90

Attractive set of trios with some nice piquant harmonies

OMP 163 - Clarke, Zana and Lance Eccles - The Long Road and other Songs, ATB, £9.50

OMP 164 - Clarke, Zana and Lance Eccles - Once Upon a Time and other Songs, ATB, £9.50

OMP 176 - Nathan Shirley - In the Distance for 3 SST, and Roman Molino Dunn - Recorder Sinfonia 18 for three descants or tenors, £8.80

Contemporary pieces.

OMP 182 - Lance Eccles - Aquarium for SAT, £9.90

Contemporary piece in 3 movements 1. Squid 2. Coelacanth 3. Bluebottles on the Waves.

OMP 183 - Lance Eccles - Aviary for SAT, £8.80

Contemporary piece in 3 movements 1. Dodoes 2. Condors 3. Moas

OMP 189 - Tom Zadik - Best Toot Forward for SAT, £11.00

OMP 192 - Lance Eccles - Enviromania for SAT, £8.75

Contemporary Pieces. Appealing set of pieces with some interesting chromaticism. 1. Toxic Effluent; 2. Carbon Emissions; 3. Global Warming; 4. Whale Hunt

OMP 212 - Duckpond by Lance Eccles for ATB, £12.60

1. Duck fight 2. Broken Eggs 3. Storm and Flood

OMP 213 - On the River by Lance Eccles for ATB, £12.60

1. Mayflies 2. Water weeds 3. Eddies 4. Swallows

OMP 214 - Red Riding Hood by Lance Eccles for ATB, £13.99

1. Little Red Riding Hood; 2. The Wicked Howling Wolf; 3. Ever Deeper into the Woods; 4. The Knocking at the Door; 5. ... and swallowed her; 6. "How creepy it is in here!" 7. "All the better to eat you with!" 8. The Snoring of the Wolf; 9. The Hunter; 10. The Death of the Wolf

OMP 224 - Diana Blom, Paul Bruer, Benjamin Thorn and Rodney Waterman: A Handful of Trios for S/A/T/B, £10.90

Collection of Five Trios for varying combinations of recorders. 1. Walking with Bertie 2. Fuguette 3. Mr Jinx 4. Riflebirds 5. Minuetto

OMP 226  - Lance Eccles: In The Park  for recorder trio, TTB or ATB, £13.80
An attractive set of descriptive character pieces.

OMP 231 Lance Eccles arr:  Six German Hymn Trios for ATB, £17.90

OMP 233  Matthew Dubourg  arr. Benjamin Thorn:  Jig, Minuet and Maggot  for Rec Trio,  ATB, £13.80
An enjoyable set of pieces that bridge the classical and folk traditions of the 18th century.

OMP 234  Benjamin Thorn arr: The Manchester Quadrille for  ATB, £15.00
Attractive arrangement of a 19th century dance set.

OMP 235  Benjamin Thorn arr.:  Johnny make a wedding and others -  Trios ATB, £12.40
An attractive set of 19th century dance tunes: the title piece, "Pat Fagan", "Charles March"

YCS 006 - Jessica Wells - Folly (M)

Trio (D, Tr, T), £6.00

Attractive trio with some interesting rhythms and harmony.

YCS 007 - Tracey Parker - Changing Light (MD)

Trio (D, Tr, T), £8.00

Four movements with some interesting rhythmic and melodic gestures.

Three Recorders and Accompaniment

OMP 111 - Benjamin Thorn - Harpies' Romp (M)

D, Tr, T and harp. £9.90

Beautiful piece with catchy rhythmic melodies. Harp part can be played on Celtic, lever or concert harp.


OMP 013 - Elisabeth Middleton - Tout de Sweet (ME)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £7.00

Three short, lively and tuneful pieces. First movement in 7/8. Second movement is a calmer andante and third a lively 12/8. The descant part is slightly more difficult than the others.

OMP 028 - Lance Eccles - In Brazilian Style (MD)

Quartet (D, 2Tr,T recorders with optional guitar cords), £8.00

Four attractive rhythmic pieces written in Brazilian idioms.

OMP 035 - Elisabeth Middleton - Tout de Sour (ME)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £7.00

Three movements with intriguing astringent harmonies.

OMP 036 - Benjamin Thorn and Zana Clarke - A Fox Dance in the Mulberry (ME)

Quartet (2Tr, T, B), £9.00

Three lively melodic pieces that are a lot of fun.

OMP 037 - Zana Clarke and Benjamin Thorn - Wild Strawberry Sweet (M)

Quartet (D,Tr,T,B), £7.00

Two attractive melodic pieces.

OMP 042 - Lance Eccles - Four Sephardic Songs (M)

Quartet (Tr, 2T, B), £9.80

Attractive arrangements of Sephardic melodies.

OMP 043 - Quentin Grant - Starless Night, Hidden Flame (MD)

Quartet (2T/Sop, 2B), £6.80

Extended piece using a minimalist style. Explores a range of rhythmic and melodic textures.

OMP 046 - Miggs Coggan - Kurrawongs (ME)

Quartet (D, 2Tr, T), £5.00

Short little piece that imitates the sound of currawongs (Australian songbirds).

OMP 047 - Nicolaus Ammerbach and Benjamin Thorn - Passamezzo Antico (M)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B) £7.00

Sixteenth century dance piece with additional variations in the style of the period.

OMP 048 - Beverley Lea - Dark Grey, Spun Gold (M)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £7.00

Two short pieces that use some modern techniques.

OMP 050 - Lance Eccles - Metallica (M)

Quartet (Tr, 2T, B), £7.20

Six pieces evoking the characteristics of various metals.

OMP 057 - Justo Diaz - Latin American Songs (ME)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £11.80

Twenty attractive and varied pieces in traditional South American style.

OMP 058 - Lance Eccles - Rabbit Farm (M)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £11.80

A fun group of satirical pieces.

OMP 061 - Lance Eccles - Spiders (M)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £9.00

Three very appealing pieces apparently inspired by spiders.

OMP 062 - Luigi Irlandini - Agnistoma II (D)

Quartet, various, £9.00

Complex and energetic work requiring pinpoint rhythmic accuracy and the ability to swap from sopranino to great bass.

OMP 069 - Lance Eccles - Alleycats' Picnic (MD)

Quartet (Tr, 2T, B), £6.00

Funky little piece for quartets.

OMP 070 - Lance Eccles - Oceania (M)

Quartet (Tr, 3T), £8.00

Three descriptive pieces with some interesting rhythms.

OMP 073 - Lance Eccles - Feeding Time at the Zoo (M)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £15.75

Twenty character pieces with attractive melodies and some interesting harmonies.

OMP 086 - Benjamin Thorn - Time Pieces (M)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £7.70

Eight short and fun pieces that explore different metres from 5/8 to 13/8!

OMP 088 - Justo Diaz - Latin American Songs 2 (M)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £9.90

Another great collection of traditional tunes and original pieces from Justo Diaz.

OMP 095 - Lance Eccles - Four Korean Folksongs (M)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £9.90

Lively and attractive oriental melodies in idiomatic arrangements. Descant part slightly more difficult than others.

OMP 098 - Diana Blom - Bebopaloobopawopbamboom (MD)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £8.80

Lively and funky quartet. Great fun with some opportunity for improvisation.

OMP 101 - Diana Blom - Nove Moderno (MD)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £12.10

Lively set of variations. Lots of interesting rhythms and timbres. Optional percussion part.

OMP 104 - Clarke/Thorn - Dancing in the Mustard Fields (M)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £9.40

Tuneful and lively set of three dance pieces. Great fun to play.

OMP 106 - Lance Eccles - An Evening of Chaconnes (M)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £13.20

A nicely varied set of 10 Chaconnes with just enough quirks to keep players and audiences interested and amused.

OMP 108 - Zana Clarke - Mind Your Step (MD)

Quartet (2Tr, T, B), £8.80

Fun funky rhythmic piece in quasi-minimalist style based on the rhythms of an airport announcement! Makes some use of singing into instrument.

OMP 109 - Lance Eccles - Four Songs of Catalonia (M)

Quartet (D, Tr, T, B), £9.90

An attractive set of pieces from Catalonia with lots of interest in all parts.

OMP 116 - Elizabeth Middleton - Sleepy Maggie's Waltz, SATB, £9.50

Fun versions of three Australian folksongs with some great rhythmic quirks

OMP 118 - Lance Eccles - East is Red & Liuyang River, SATB, £8.80

Two traditional Chinese melodies

OMP 121 - Lance Eccles - Tango Armadillo, SATB, £8.50

Chirpy little tango with some cute key changes

OMP 127 - Benjamin Thorn - Celtic Materials, SATB, £15.40

Attractive set of five Celtic inspired dance pieces

OMP 129 - Lance Eccles - Ruins, SATB, £11.00

Nice set of evocative pieces with the odd twist

OMP 130 - Lance Eccles - Avarice, SATB, £9.90

Cute set of slightly sleazy character pieces with some chromaticism.

OMP 131 - Lance Eccles - Vampires, SATB, £9.90

Evocative set of character pieces with some chromaticism.

OMP 135 - Benjamin Thorn - Zemer Atik & other Jewish songs, SATB, £12.00

Lively and rhythmic versions of traditional Jewish songs with one or two metrical surprises.

OMP 138 - Lance Eccles - Locomotion (3 Waltzes), SATB, £10.50

Set of three nicely varied waltzes with some chromaticism

OMP 139 - Lance Eccles - Polska, SATB, £10.50

Lively, rhythmic and beguiling set of Polish style dances

OMP 140 - Lance Eccles - Four Revolutionary Songs from North-West China, SATB, £11.00

Attractive set of Chinese melodies in clever oriental sounding arrangements.

OMP 145 - Elizabeth Middleton - One Deaf Antechinus, SATB, £9.50

Three Blind Mice will never be the same after this jazzy and fun romp around its artfully concealed musical material

OMP 146 - Lance Eccles - Ten Stampedes, SATB, £14.30

Lively and fun series of character pieces with some nice rhythmic twists

OMP 152 - Diana Blom - Journeying, SA/TTB/sop, £12.00

Engaging, minimalist influenced piece with some interesting rhythmic and timbral effects.

OMP 155 - Dale Jones - Robin Hood Suite, SATB, £11.00

Melodic and engaging set of four dance-like movements that are attractive and fun to play

OMP 157 - David Pye - Monet's Bridge, AATT, £13.00

Beguiling, impressionistic and atmospheric piece, winner of the 2005 National Recorder Composition Competition

OMP 167 - Jana Skarecky - Consort Royal, 4 various inc So & GB, plus tambourine, £6.00

6 movements 1. Sarabande (Catherine of Aragon) 2. Crown of Fire (Anne Boleyn) 3. Song for Mother and Child (Jane Seymour) 4. Allemande (Anne of Cleves) 5. Rose without Thorns (Catherine Howard) 6. Healing Light (Catherine Parr) Fascinating series of character pieces evoking the six wives of Henry VIII

OMP 171 - Lance Eccles - Roadkill Sonata for AABB, £11.00

 3 movements 1. Wallaby 2. Echidna 3. Alsatian (Auto Chaser) Fun and lively set of character pieces with some chromaticism.

OMP 172 - Lance Eccles - Hymns & Hearses for SATB, £9.90

5 movements 1. Praise to the Living God 2. Monksgate 3. Lourdes 4. Dies Irae 5. Cwm Rhondda Set of arrangements and elaborations of four hymns

OMP 173 - Lance Eccles - Happy Birthdays for SATB, £11.00

3 movements 1. Happy Birthday Tango 2. Happy Birthday Funeral March 3. Happy Birthday Mazurka Wonderfully anarchic set of variations on Happy Birthday to You

OMP 177 - Lance Eccles - Four Russian Folksongs for SATB, £9.90

1. Farewell Happiness 2. The Boundless Sea 3. The Little Bell 4. Do not Reproach me

OMP 178 - Lance Eccles - Goldilocks for AABB, £11.00

3 movements 1. Through the Forest to the Bears' House 2. A Short Sleep, with Bad Dreams 3. Discovery, Struggle, Escape

OMP 187 - Lance Eccles - Avalanche for ATTB, £11.00

The avalanches are of eggs, goldfish and frogs!

OMP 193 - Lance Eccles - Mouse's Funeral for SATB, £9.40

Contemporary Pieces. Nicely ironic set of pieces with some nice close harmony and a lively dance at the wake. 1. In the Church; 2. At the Graveside; 3. At the Wake

OMP 194 - Lance Eccles - Piglets at the Trough for SATB, £9.40

Contemporary Pieces. Lively and fun set of character pieces (even in the sausage factory!) 1. Joyful Awakening; 2. Breakfast at the Trough; 3. An Outing to the Sausage Factory

OMP 195 - Benjamin Thorn - Oc Piece for SATT or ocarina quartet, £12.20

Four lively and rhythmically interesting pieces.

OMP 199 Lance Eccles - Four Portuguese Folksongs for SATB, £11.00

Some nice metrical elements. 1. Oh Ciranda 2. My Love Gave me a Handkerchief 3. Cornfields 4. The Dove Fell into the Sea

OMP 200 Justo Diaz - Latin American Songs 3 for SATB, £13.20

1. El Pobrecito 2. Un Son Para los Ninos Antillanos 3. Pala Pala (Argentina) 4. Fiesta de San Benito (Bolivia) 5. El Tortillero (Chile) 6. El Costillar (Chile) 7. La Libertad 8. Seis por Ocho

OMP 203 Lance Eccles - Cinderella for SATB, £9.90

Contemporary Australian suite based on the fairy tale. Amusing set of character pieces. Some chromaticism. 1. The Cruel Stepsisters 2. Putting on the Golden Dress 3. Dancing with the Prince - and Flight 4. Trying on the Shoe 5. The Wedding Feast

OMP 204 Lance Ecccles - The Frog Prince for SATB, £11.00

1. At the Side of the Well 2. The Princess Weeps 3. The Frog 4. Diving for the Golden Ball 5. "Wait, princess, wait!" 6. "Princess, open the door!" 7. The Princess's Distress 8. The King's Rage 9. The Young Prince 10. The Carriage with Eight White Horses

OMP 206 - Reflection by Racheal Cogan for SATB, £11.50

OMP 209 - Four Sacred German Elegies arr. by Lance Eccles for SATB, £13.99

1. Nun danket alle Gott; 2. Auf, auf, mein Herz, mit Freuden; 3. Geh aus, mein Herz, und such Freud; 4. Du meine Seele, singe

OMP 211 - Lift-off by Lance Eccles for SATB, £11.25

OMP 215 - Cauldron - Lance Eccles for SATB, £12.60

1. Bats; 2. Toads; 3. Witches on Broomsticks

OMP 217 - Impressions by Stefano Vicelli for SATB, £13.99

1. Matin; 2. Triste et Lent; 3. Gigue pour les enfants; 4. Elfes; 5. Entree royale; 6. Ex Missa; 7. Priere simple

OMP 219 - Lance Eccles: In the Temple for SATB, £8.50

1. Entry into the Temple; 2. Priestesses; 3. Bacchanal

OMP 221 - Lance Eccles: Water Creatures for SATB, £8.50

1. Tadpoles; 2. Water Snails; 3. Whirligig Beetles

OMP 223 - Justo Diaz & Carlos Gardel: Tangos for SATB, £11.90

Six Tangos. 1. La bicicleta 2. Sus Ojos se Cerraron 3. Carlitos 4. El dia que me quieras 5. Cuesta Abajo 6. Volver

OMP 225  - Benjamin Thorn:  A Book of Thorny Carols  for 3 & 4 recorders, S/A/T/B, £16.50
Christmas carols with a difference - with backwards and inverted versions combined with quodlibets (several carols played together) and a fun set of variations on In Dulce Jubilo.

OMP 229 Lance Eccles: Tango Vicuna for recorder quartet SATB & Rodrigues arr. Eccles La Camparsita for rec. quartet S.A.T.B/Sopranino, £17.90
Two tangos, one new and one of the classics. Enjoyable.

OMP 232 Lance Eccles: Waterbirds for  SATB, £15.00
Penguins on the Ice, Pelicans over the Lake, Sparrows in the Bird Bath.

OMOS 001 - Misc. arr. Lance Eccles - "I care not for these ladies" and other Elizabethan lute songs, SATB, £16.50

SATB arrangements of six famous Elizabethan songs, including Dowland's Fine Knacks for Ladies. The arrangments are fairly free, introducing small development passages and occasional key changes.

OMOS 002 - Telemann arr. Thorn - Seven Dances from the Wedding Divertissement, SATB, £17.50

OMOS 003 - Tadeusz Kosciuszko - 2 Polonaises and a Waltz, arr. Lances Eccles for SATB, £11.00

YCS 012 - Madeline Phelan - Gunter's Dance (M)

Quartet (D, Tr, T/D, B), £6.60

Attractive melodic piece with the odd quirk and a challenging bass part.


OMP 010 - Lance Eccles - Spectrum (M)

Quintet (D,Tr, 2T, B), £8.00

Three evocative movements. First movement makes interesting use of cross rhythms; second is calm and static while the third is a lively jaunt in 12/8.

OMP 011 - Benjamin Thorn - Purple Pavans Perhaps (MD)

Quintet (Bass solo, D, Tr, T, B), £10

Strongly rhythmic and melodic with beautiful use of the bass as a solo instrument. The accompanying quartet parts are much easier than the solo. First movement has folky melodies that build up to a climax; second is largely a bass solo over a wash of burbles while the third is a funky piece in 7/8.

OMP 016 - Benjamin Thorn - Fricasseed Frogs for Felicity (MD)

Quintet (Treble solo, Tr, 2T, B), £8.00

Lively rhythmic piece. Includes sections with rapid metre changes and cross rhythms. Attractive and fairly ornate solo part.

OMP 022 - Lance Eccles - Five Ukrainian Folk Songs (ME)

Quintet (D, Tr, 2T, B), £7.70

Lively and fun settings of Ukranian folk songs. Very attractive melodies and clever arrangements.

OMP 024 - Lance Eccles - Shaanbei (M)

Quintet (D, Tr, T, B, GB), £10.00

Four revolutionary folk songs fron north west China. Interesting melodies and arrangements. Some use of quarter tones and inflexions.

OMP 026 - Lance Eccles - Verbunkos Dance Suite (MD)

Quintet (D, Tr, 2T, B), £8.00

XVII century Hungarian recruiting tunes. Lively rhythmical pieces.

OMP 031 - Lance Eccles - Five Italian Folk Songs (ME)

Quintet (D, Tr, 2T, B), £7.70

Approachable setting of Italian folk songs.

OMP 045 - Malcolm Tattersall - Alien Landscape II (M)

Quintet (2Tr, 2T, B) £6.00

Atmospheric and evocative with some contemporary techniques.

OMP 053 - Diego Ortiz and Benjamin Thorn - Three Recercadas (Set I) (MD)

Quintet (D, Tr, T, B, GB) £8.00

Three of Ortiz' recercadas (variations over ground bases) have been extended and arranged for quintet.

OMP 056 - Diego Ortiz and Benjamin Thorn - Three Recercadas (Set II) (MD)

Quintet (D, Tr, T, B, GB) £8.00

Three more of Ortiz' recercadas (variations over ground bases) have been extended and arranged for quintet.

OMP 060 - Lance Eccles - The Planets' Feet (M)

Quintet (D, Tr, 2T,B) £9.00

Three attractive and melodic pieces

OMP 093 - Lance Eccles - The Planets' Feet 2 (M)

Quintet (D, Tr, 2T, B) £8.80

More witty and melodic pieces with a satirical bent.

OMP 110 - Benjamin Thorn - Six Folksongs for Massed Recorders (E/M)

(2D, Tr, T, B) £13.20

Lively and popular set of pieces from Ireland Holland and Canada designed for large (or small) groups of mixed ability with first descant part using only five notes.

OMP 119 - Lance Eccles - Three Gregorian Fantasies, (SATTB) £11.00

Three fantasies based on plain song with its characteristic modality and flexible metre and some very satisfying sonorities.

OMP 120 - Benjamin Thorn - Bardi's Dream, (AATTB), £11.00

Attractive set of three pieces with some lively rhythms and vocalisations in the second.

OMP 126 - Benjamin Thorn - Wefts, AATTB, £9.90

Beautiful flowing piece that combines attractive melodies with aleatoric effects and multiphonics

OMP 136 - Benjamin Thorn - Musiques de table, AATTB, £12.00

Fun character pieces using varied textures, pointillism and some singing into the recorder

OMP 141 - Lance Eccles - Blue Neon and Nuclear Cloud, SAA/TTTB, £10.40

Blue Neon (SATTB) is a funky jazzy little number while Nuclear Cloud (SAATB) is an atmospheric piece with some piquant harmonies

OMP 147 - Trevor Holton - Okavango, SoSATB, £9.90

OMP 148 - Benjamin Thorn - Three Low Countries Folksongs for massed recorders, SSATB, £9.90

Attractive Flemish and Dutch folksongs designed for large (or small) groups of mixed ability with first descant part using only five notes 

OMP 150 - Nicholas Ng - Bathing the Buddha, SS/As/AS/BCb/B, £11.00

Mystical piece with oriental influences and some interesting timbral variety. Some changing of recorders 

P 166 - Elizabeth Middleton - Indianinca, 5 various, £4.50

Fun, gutsy and sometimes whimsical arrangements of three native melodies from the Americas.

OMP 174 - Lance Eccles - Public Hospital for AATTB, £9.90

3 movements 1. Maternity (Andante) 2. Doctors and Nurses (Fast Waltz) 3. Emergency (Urgent) Interesting set of character pieces with a little bit of chromaticism.

OMP 188 - Lance Eccles - Angry Babies for SATTB, £11.00

Three nicely dissonant character pieces: 1. Babies in Uproar 2. Babies Asleep 3. Disobedient Babies

OMP 202 Lance Eccles - Blackened Petals for SAATB, £9.90

Slightly perverse versions - 1. Black Cherry Blossoms (Sakure) 2. Charred Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)

OMP 205 Louise Welsh - Park Suite for 5 SopSATTGbCb & percussion

Features changing meter. 1. Sepilok 2. Bushrangers Bay 3. Kruger 4. Mungo

OMP 222 - Elisabeth Middleton: Love is Teasin' & Brian's Brew for SATBB, £8.50

OMP 230 Benjamin Thorn: Waking Forest (TTTTT) & Animal Dance  for Recorder Quintet,  S,T,B,Gb,Cb. £19.30
Instruments change through the pieces.

Other Ensemble Pieces: Six or More Parts

OMP 009 - Lance Eccles - Purple Neon (MD)

Nine recorders (Sop, 2D, 2Tr, 2T, 2B), £8.00

Jazz influenced using close harmony and a funky melody.

OMP 030 - Benjamin Thorn - Worth Ninety-eight Flying (M/MD)

(Solo Tr, T, B, GB and ensemble 2Tr, 2T, B), £10.00

Three lively pieces with more difficult solo parts and easier ensemble. Some use of singing

OMP 038 - Benjamin Thorn - We Hate Brussels Sprouts (E-MD)

Sextet (2D, 2Tr,T,B), £6.00

Fun piece designed for groups with a very wide range of abilities. Parts range from very easy (a repeated phrase using 5 notes) to quite tricky.

OMP 039 - Euday L Bowman - 12th Street Rag (M)

Sextet (Sop, D, 2Tr, T, B), £7.00

Arrangement of the jazz standard by Benjamin Thorn.

OMP 040 - Scott Joplin - The Entertainer (M)

Sextet (Sop, D, 2Tr, T, B), £6.00

Arrangement of the jazz standard by Benjamin Thorn.

OMP 065 - Tony Lewis - Zaida Gaire (M)

Eight recorders (2D, 2Tr, 2T, 2B), £9.00

Funky piece with African and Balkan influences.

OMP 066 - Richard Peter Maddox - Post Proelium Deliberemus (MD)

Nine recorders and percussion (Sop, 2D, 2Tr, 2T, B, GB), £12.00

An exciting piece with solo sopranino part, that combines a strong melodic impulse with various rhythmic approaches.

OMP 067 - Benjamin Thorn - Deep Sea Perspectives (MD)

Eight recorders (3Tr, 2T, 2B, GB), £11.00

Beautifully melodic pieces featuring a solo treble that reworks the same musical material in two quite different ways.

OMP 075 - Benjamin Thorn - Bouncing (M)

Eight recorders (2D, 2Tr, 2T, 2B), £11.00

Three lively pieces that make use of two choirs with antiphonal effects

OMP 115 - Nigel Butterley - Music for Sunrise (M)

Descant, treble and tenor recorders (SSSAAATT), flute and seven percussion, £9.90

Evocative aleatoric piece that is fun to play. Instrumentation is flexible.

OMP 122 - Benjamin Thorn - Is there enough room?,

Ten recorders (BTAABTATBA sic),, £17.00

Exciting funky piece that involves spatial and timbral effects with each player playing three or four different instruments.

OMP 132 - Richard Peter Maddox - Concerto Grosso Op 84

Seven recorders AAATTBGb £14.30

Attractive piece with some nice rhythmic and harmonic elements that make it not quite what it seems

OMP 125 - Russell Gilmour - A Clutch of Fipples

Eight recorders SSAAATTB £9.90

Chirpy, minimalistic hocketish piece that is fun to play

OMP 128 - Benjamin Thorn - Three Carols for Massed Recorders

Orch SSATB, £9.90

Three carols from the USA and Spain designed for large (or small) groups of mixed ability with first descant part using only five notes.

OMP 142 - Luigi Antonio Irlandini - Partita

6 So to Cb, £15.40

Fascinating and rhythmically complex sextet, with lots of swapping of instruments inspired by Cipriano de Rore's madrigal Anchor che col partire but very much a modern deconstruction

OMP 165 - William Green - Concertino

So & SSAATTB, £12.00

Interesting and varied concertino for large ensemble. Some use of glissandi

OMP 196 - Benjamin Thorn - Glow-worm Dances for SSAATBGbCb and guitars, opt harpsichord, £9.50

OMP 197 - Benjamin Thorn - Malvina and other English Songs for massed recorders, SSATB, £9.50

OMP 210 - When Johnny Comes Marching Home by Louis Lambert, arr. Lance Eccles for SoSATBGb, £11.50

The American Civil War song set for recorder sextet.


OMP 007 - Zana Clarke - Dawn and Dusk: A Recorder Songbook Book 2 (ME - M)

Solo descant and treble recorders, £10.00

Collection of original melodies for descant and treble recorders. (AMEB Standard 3, 4 and 5.)

OMP 017 - Compiled Zana Clarke - Illuminations: A Medieval Collection (ME-MD)

1, 2, 3 recorders. £12.00

Very accessible single line melodies, duets and trios. Total of 26 melodies including estampies, notas, saltarellos and cantigas. Beautifully presented with illustrations and music printed on old parchment paper.

OMP 044 - Benjamin Thorn, Rodney Waterman, Zana Clarke, Miggs Coggan and Justin Fiore - 12 Intermediate Studies for the Treble Recorder (ME-MD)

Solo treble. £8.00

A nice range of appealing studies including simple melodic pieces, pieces that explore different modes, arpeggios, alternate fingerings and passage work.

OMP 051 - Benjamin Thorn - Do It Yourself Renaissance Improvisation (ME-MD)

2 - 4 SA - SATB £8.25

A straightforward and fun introduction to improvising on Renaissance ground Basses. Includes melodies and basses that can be used as stepping off points, advice on improvisation and examples of how to fill in melodic intervals. Can be used by soloists or groups.

OMP 103 - arr. Malcolm Tattersall - Recorder Play Book for various combinations (E-ME)

Useful, fun and sometimes intriguing collection of 31 folk and early music pieces from a variety of traditions arranged for small recorder groups.

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